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IELTS Mock Test 2021 January

IELTS Mock Test 2021 January

(6,839 votes)
  • Published on: 20 Jan 2021
  • Tests taken: 2,835,119

Answer Keys:

Part 1: Question 1 - 10
  • 1 comedy
  • 2 noodles
  • 3 9 (am)
  • 4 science
  • 5 sandwiches
  • 6 A
  • 7 B
  • 8 G
  • 9 G
  • 10 B
Part 2: Question 11 - 20
  • 11 (special) sinks
  • 12 spray
  • 13 special care
  • 14 3/three
  • 15 visitor gate
  • 16 (is) banned (completely)
  • 17 security
  • 18 A
  • 19 C
  • 20 A
Part 3: Question 21 - 30
  • 21 assignments
  • 22 reading text
  • 23 list of details
  • 24 (certain) purpose
  • 25 most important
  • 26 author's name
  • 27 bullet points
  • 28 quote
  • 29 justification
  • 30 logical
Part 4: Question 31 - 40
  • 31 C
  • 32 A
  • 33 C
  • 34 environment
  • 35 harmony
  • 36 methane
  • 37 space
  • 38 perceived
  • 39 guns
  • 40 videos


Thien Khoi 9.015:05
Muhammad Arfanul Aziz 9.015:25
Nguyen Phong son 9.015:35
4 La Hieu 9.015:50
5 Xuân Linh 9.015:52
7 Nhat Huy 9.016:02
8 Aruzhan Beket 9.016:05
9 irinastafyeva 9.016:05
10 科 尼 9.016:06

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Review & Explanations:

Part 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the sentences.

Write ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Peter and Mary will see a movie on Saturday afternoon

The movie Peter and Mary will see is a 1

Afterwards, they will eat 2

On Sunday, they will start at 3

They will study 4

Later they will eat 5

  • 1 Answer: comedy
    • The keywords in Q1 are “movie”, “Mary and Peter” and “will see.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun (a singular noun)

    • We can hear that the girl (Mary) mention a new action movie, but she also said “I’d rather see that comedy”, so we can guess that the answer for Q1 may be action movie or comedy. In addition, we also heard Mary said she didn’t agree on the action movie and Peter answered “ok, I’m fine with that”, “a comedy it is”.

    • According to the conversation, the answer for Q1 should be “comedy”

    • Note: the answer for Q1 is “one word”, so we can guess the answer for Q1 cannot be “action film”. Therefore, the answer for Q1 should be “comedy”

  • 2 Answer: noodles
    • The keywords in Q2 are “they” and “eat.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun (kind of food)

    • We can hear Peter wanted to eat Pizza and Mary wanted to eat noodles. Afterwards, Peter said “we’ll do it your way, again”, it means that they chose to eat noodles, like Mary’s idea.

    • Thus, the correct answer for Q2 should be “noodles

  • 3 Answer: 9 (am)
    • The keywords in Q3 are “on Sunday” and “start at.

    • We can assume that the answer is a point of time.

    • We can hear Peter and Mary mentioned many points of time (10.00, 09:30 and 09:00). But they said 10 am is a bit late, so 10 am is an incorrect answer. Finally, we can easily hear Peter said “Alright, alright, 9 am”..., it means that they agree to start at 9 am.

    • Thus, the correct answer for Q3 should be “9 am

  • 4 Answer: science
    • The keywords in Q4 are “they” and “will study.

    • We can assume that the answer is a subject

    • We can hear Peter and Mary mentioned science or maths or even history. After that, follow the original plan, they decided to study science and Peter said “Yeah, study maths another time”

    • Thus, the correct answer for Q4 should be “science

  • 5 Answer: sandwiches
    • The keywords in Q5 are “later”, “they” and “will study.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun (kind of food)

    • Follow the conversation, we can hear that they mentioned “pizza” and “sandwiches”. But Mary want Peter to choose healthier option is sandwiches. And finally, when Mary said “Sandwiches it is”, Peter said “Yeah, yeah”, it means that they choose to eat sandwiches for lunch.

    • Thus, the correct answer for Q5 should be “sandwiches

Questions 6-10

Part 1
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Section 1

Peter: Well Mary, you’re free this weekend, and so am I, so let’s plan the agenda. We said we’re going to see a movie on Saturday, right? [Yes.] But what time?

Mary: It’s cheapest in the afternoon, and very expensive at night of course, so let’s go in the afternoon.

Peter: Sounds good. Have some fun before preparing that night for all our studies.

Mary: But you mentioned that new action movie. [Sure.] Well, that’s what you want to see, but I’d rather see that comedy.

Peter: I thought we’d agreed on the action movie?

Mary: You just said thatyow’d like it. I didn’t. My friends tell me my movie is very funny, too.

Peter: Okay, I’m fine with that. A comedy it is. We can see my action film another time. So, that’s Saturday afternoon planned, and that night we’ll just eat at a restaurant.

Mary: Where?

Peter: I don’t have much money, but there are some nice cheap places near the cinema. What about Pizza King?

Mary: I’m not that keen on pizza, actually. There’s a noodle place near there. What about that?

Peter: Oh, I really wanted to eat pizza.

Mary: And you know how fattening pizza is. And not nearly as healthy as noodles, either.

Peter: Okay, okay, we’ll do it your way, again. Noodles it is.

Mary: Okay, that’s Saturday done, but Sunday we have to study, right?

Peter: You bet. We’d better start early, too. 10 am, let’s say. We can meet in the library, about that time.

Mary: Okay, let me write that in my diary, but 10 in the morning is a bit late, don’t you think? We’ve got a lot to do, so I should think 9 a.m is the very latest we should meet?

Peter: 9 a.m! Sunday morning! Are you serious? What about 9.30?

Mary: No, it’s important to be disciplined, so I’ll be there at that earlier time.

Peter: Alright. Alright. 9 a.m! The early bird catches the worm, or passes the exam, right?

Mary: Right! But should we study for the science class, or the maths one?

Peter: Or even history? There’s so much to study.

Mary: Well, let’s just stick to the original plan. Science, right?

Peter: Yeah! We can study for maths another time.

Mary: Okay. That’s decided. Now, that just leaves the afternoon.

Peter: But there’s lunch first. I think we can have my choice of restaurant this time. That’s only fair.

Mary: But the university cafeteria is not far, and cheap too.

Peter: But I thought we could have pizza?

Mary: There’s a nice sandwich bar there, and that’s a healthier option. I’m doing this for your own good. Look at you Peter, you’re already overweight.

Peter: Okay, okay. We’ll take the healthy option, again.

Mary: Sandwiches it is , and you’ll thank me for this later.

Peter: Yeah, yeah.

Peter: Well Mary, I think we’ve planned our day well, but I’ve always wanted to ask you what you think of our course of study.

Mary: I think it’s good. Very good in fact.

Peter: So do I.

Mary: Apart from some of the teachers.

Peter: What do you mean?

Mary: Well, our maths tutor, Mr Vernon is okay , [Sure.] but he doesn’t seem to care much about the subject matter.

Peter: But he knows his stuff. I think he’s excellent. I’m surprised you don’t think so too.

Mary: He’s satisfactory, as I said, but I’d just like him to care more, or try a bit harder.

Peter: But he’s smart, and explains things well. What more could you want?

Mary: Just for him to have more passion about what he does. He could be more like... say... Mr Harrison.

Peter: Mr Harrison is always late though. And he’s never well-prepared. Rushes in, notes falling everywhere, a complete mess.

Mary: But it’s his attitude that matters. Mr Harrison wants to help students. He has passion, and that’s the most important thing.

Peter: Yeah, a passion for disorganisation and presenting things in a very confusing way. That’s why I like Ms Whitehead. She comes on time and presents everything very clearly with her PowerPoint displays.

Mary: But she’s also rather mechanical. She just clicks buttons, and the PowerPoint shows another slide.

Peter: Very clear slides, and she explains it clearly as well, and that’s the most important thing.

Mary: But she’s not connecting much with the students.

Peter: Ah come on! Only the bad students are not paying attention. All the rest, those who really care, are listening, and the information is given clearly, concisely, and she knows her stuff.

Mary: I don’t deny that. I’m just saying that a truly good teacher needs a human connection with the students. Without that, teachers ultimately fail in their purposes, and thus she must be considered a failure.

Peter: Phew! You are a tough one to please, I’ll say that much.