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Speaking Practice Test 1


Where are you from? 00:28
Do you like plants? Why? 00:89
What plants do you like? 00:47
 Have you ever grown any plants? 00:48
Did you grow any plants when you were a child? 00:.8
Do you like drawing or painting? 00:25
What kinds of things do you like to draw? 00:07
Did you enjoy doing art lessons when you were a child? 00:55
Do you ever draw or paint pictures now? 00:88
Do you like cooking? 00:69
How often do you cook? 00:33
How good are you at cooking?  00:15
Does anyone in your family like to cook? 00:.4
Describe a competition you want to take part in 01:99
Why do you think some school teachers use competitions as class activities? 00:81
Is it a good thing to give prizes to children who do well at school? Why? 00:99
Would you say that schools for young children have become more or less competitive since you were that age? Why? 01:79
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