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IELTS General Training Volume 8

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Published on: 08 Oct 2018

Views: 847,555

Tests Taken: 274,390

Listening Practice Test 2

Answer Keys:

  • 1 Classic
  • 2 Jonathan
  • 3 21st of January/21st January
  • 4 Island House
  • 5 one month
  • 6 Queen Street
  • 7 0204 675 1222
  • 8 (a) tutor
  • 9 mother
  • 10 1,000
  • 11 C
  • 12 B
  • 13 A
  • 14 A
  • 15 gardening art
  • 16 (the) pear (tree)
  • 17 (the) watermill
  • 18 refreshments
  • 19 (the) River Cotton
  • 20 grapes
  • 21 (the)London Museum
  • 22 telephone interviews
  • 23 90/ninety
  • 24 male and female
  • 25 Peru
  • 26 (the) surface
  • 27 local clay
  • 28 dried
  • 29 sorting
  • 30 the rich
  • 31 15 %/percent
  • 32 45%/percent
  • 33 national green campaign
  • 34 swap meet
  • 35 information and marketing
  • 36 one-fifth
  • 37 old books
  • 38 50 %/percent
  • 39 Germany
  • 40 Loving Paper


# User Score Time
Mayuresh Gupta 8.5 25:55
Sravani Anumula 8.5 26:33
Monica Durani 8.5 30:40
4 Doan Van TU 8.5 40:00
5 Selina Yang 8.5 40:00
6 sa ah 8 19:25
7 Ziyad S 8 23:06
8 Manasa Mannava 8 25:29
9 nickelrunaway 8 26:01
10 Sameer Wankhare 8 26:10

Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.





Type of account:

(A) deposit account

Name of account decided on:


Customer's name:

2 Fox

Date of birth 

3 , 1970

Current address:

10, 4 , South Quay

Duration of time living there:

about 5

Address (before):

Flat 3 Canada House,

6 , Edinburgh

Office number:


Home number:




Identity (security):

Name of his 9 : Monica

The account opening sum:

£ 10

  • 1 Answer: Classic
    • The keyword concerned in Q1 must be “name of account decided on”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a noun or a noun phrase.

    • The banker asks the customer to select a type of deposit account as shown on the leaflet. Then, the customer wants to go along with the “Classic” account. Therefore, the answer for Q1 must be “Classic”.

  • 2 Answer: Jonathan
    • The keyword concerned in Q2 must be “customer’s name”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a name.

    • The customer’s full name is Jonathan Fox. As candidates only need to fill in his first name, the answer for Q2 must be “Jonathan”.

  • 3 Answer: 21st of January/21st January
    • The keyword concerned in Q3 must be “date of birth”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a date.

    • Jonathan Fox was born on 21st January, 1970. Therefore, the answer for Q3 must be “21st of January/21st January”.

  • 4 Answer: Island House
    • The keyword concerned in Q4 must be “current address”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a noun or a noun phrase.

    • Jonathan is currently living at 10, Island House, South Quay. As “10” and “South Quay” are already seen in the answer, “Island House” should be filled in the gap. Therefore, the answer for Q4 must be “Island House”.

  • 5 Answer: one month
    • The keyword concerned in Q5 must be “duration of time living there”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a number.

    • The banker wants to know how long Jonathan has been living at his current address. It turns out that he has only been living there for around one month. Therefore, the answer for Q5 must be “one month”.

  • 6 Answer: Queen Street
    • The keywords concerned in Q6 must be “address before” and “Flat 3 Canada House”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a noun or a noun phrase.

    • Before moving to his current address, Jonathan used to live at Flat 3 Canada House, Queen Street. Therefore, the answer for Q6 must be “Queen Street”.

  • 7 Answer: 0204 675 1222
    • The keyword concerned in Q7 must be “home number”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a series of numbers.

    • The banker needs Jonathan’s home phone number to fill in the form. His home number is 0204 675 1222. Therefore, the answer for Q7 must be “02046751222”.

    Note: “0207 235 6735” is his office number. As this number has been filled in the office number cell above, candidates might not mistake it for his home number.

  • 8 Answer: (a) tutor
    • The keyword concerned in Q8 must be “occupation”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a noun.

    • In UK, Jonathan is currently working as a tutor at an English Language school in central London. Therefore, the answer for Q8 must be “(a) tutor”.

  • 9 Answer: mother
    • The keywords concerned in Q9 must be “identity (security)”, “name of his” and “Monica”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a person.

    • The banker utilizes Jonathan’s mother’s first name as his security information. Her name is Monica. In other words, Monica is Jonathan’s mother. Therefore, the answer for Q9 must be “mother”.

  • 10 Answer: 1,000
    • The keyword concerned in Q10 must be “the account opening sum”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a number.

    • The banker allows Jonathan to freely choose the account opening sum. As he’s only brought £1,000, he turns it all to the opening sum. Therefore, the answer for Q10 must be “1000”.

Section 1
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CUSTOMER:    Hi. Can I open a bank account, please?

BANKER:    Sure. Come on in. Make yourself at home. I’ll just get some details for you. It won’t take long.

CUSTOMER:    OK. Right.

BANKER:    What kind of account do you want?

CUSTOMER:    A deposit account.

BANKER:    OK. I’ve got the application form here then. Have a look at this leaflet. We have several types.

CUSTOMER:    I’ve decided on the one called “Classic.”

BANKER:    Good, that’s fine. Can I have your full name, please?

CUSTOMER:    Yes, it’s Jonathan Fox. That’s J-O-N-A-T-H-A-N.

BANKER:    Oh, right. Thank you. And what’s your    date of    birth, please?

CUSTOMER:    The twenty-first of January, 1970.

BANKER:    Right. Do you have another bank account in the UK?

CUSTOMER:    No, not yet. This is the first one.

BANKER:    OK, fine. And what is your address in the UK, sir?

CUSTOMER:    10, Island House, South Quay.

BANKER:    That’s East London, isn’t it?


BANKER:    Near Canary Wharf, right?

CUSTOMER:    Yes. That’s right.

BANKER:    How long have you been at your current address?

CUSTOMER:    Ah, just around one month actually.

BANKER:    OK, that’s fine. Can I ask for a previous address?

CUSTOMER:    Sure. It’s Flat 3 Canada House, Queen Street.

BANKER:    Is that all?


BANKER:    That’s Edinburgh, isn’t it?


BANKER:    Edinburgh. OK. Thank you. Do you have a daytime telephone or mobile phone number?

CUSTOMER:    Yes, I think the number at my office is 0207 235 6735. Would you like my home phone number, too?

BANKER:    Yes, please.

CUSTOMER:    It’s 0204 675 1222.

BANKER:    Lovely. Right. What do you do for a living in the UK, sir?

CUSTOMER:    I am working at an English Language school in central London as a tutor. It’s my main job.

BANKER:    OK. Now we usually ask for a piece of information for checking your identity, for security reasons if you phone us.

CUSTOMER:    Sure.

BANKER:    What name is your mother’s first name? Because it’s less likely to be known.

CUSTOMER:    OK. It’s Monica.

BANKER:    Thank you.

CUSTOMER:    Yes, M-O-N-l-C-A. It’s Russian.

BANKER:    OK, good. And how much would you like to open your account with?

CUSTOMER:    I’ve only brought £1,000.

BANKER:    OK, fine. How often would you like to receive bank statements?

CUSTOMER:    I won’t be needing bank statements. What about an online banking service?

BANKER:    OK. Just a moment, please. Can I check in the box on the screen?

CUSTOMER:    Sure. I was also wondering about a mortgage service.

BANKER:    Sure. Can you just wait a moment? I’ll introduce you to a mortgage marketing manager.

CUSTOMER:    Thank you.