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IELTS General Training Volume 7

(499 votes)

Published on: 22 Aug 2018

Views: 812,085

Tests Taken: 421,795

Reading Practice Test 1

Answer Keys:

  • 1 18
  • 2 28, 33
  • 3 31
  • 4 12
  • 5 A
  • 6 C
  • 7 E
  • 8 B
  • 9 D
  • 10 TRUE
  • 11 NOT GIVEN
  • 12 TRUE
  • 13 NOT GIVEN
  • 14 FALSE
  • 15 C
  • 16 B
  • 17 C
  • 18 campus
  • 19 fully furnished
  • 20 shared bathroom/bathroom facilities
  • 21 computer access
  • 22 similar
  • 23 conditions of employment
  • 24 contributions
  • 25 working safety
  • 26 welfare
  • 27 behavior/behaviour
  • 28 (the) government
  • 29 non-Aboriginal students
  • 30 individual excellence
  • 31 reading and writing/reading,writing/reading writing
  • 32 supported secondary
  • 33 multi-cultural
  • 34 second language literacy
  • 35 FALSE
  • 36 NOT GIVEN
  • 37 FALSE
  • 38 TRUE
  • 39 TRUE
  • 40 B


Ramanjot Brar 8.545:21
Himani Gupta 823:53
Daniel Marangoni dos Santos Junior 831:34
4 Martina Varghese 833:53
5 Christina Jiang 842:52
6 Woodland Hills Community Church 845:59
7 Rupinder Kaur 846:56
8 Sajjad Sajjadi 857:22
9 destiniedivya 7.520:04
10 Baburam Naidu 7.525:24

Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-14

Questions 1-4

Look at the contents page from a magazine on the following page.

Answer Questions 1-4 by writing the appropriate page number or numbers where the information appears in the magazine.

Write your answers in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.

What page would you turn to for advice about money? 


On what TWO pages can you read about art?


On what page can you play a game?


What page would you go to for information on exotic trips?


  • 1 Answer: 18

    Keywords in Questions

    Similar words in Passage

    Q1: What page would you turn to for advice about money

    18-Marissa Brown of EastBank sets out a sound investment and savings plan for young professionals.

    The questions ask for the page that provides readers with advice in terms of money. Having a quick look to the content of different pages, we notice that of all the pages there is only page 18 emphasising on bank, investment and savings, all of which are related to money. Thus, we can tell that 18 is the answer

  • 2 Answer: 28, 33

    Keywords in Questions

    Similar words in Passage

    Q2: what TWO pages can you read about art

    + 33-What’s on round Town?

    Art, Music, Theatre

    + 28-The Met

    Metropolitan Art Museum hosts a new exhibition of post-modern paintings

    Note that the answer will be two pages rather than only one. When finishing skimming, we recognise that art appears in the content of 2 pages. The first one is page 33 with the town tour discovering Art, Music as well as Theatre. Secondly, information about a post-modern exhibition in an Art museum could be found in page 28. Thus, we can tell that 28, 33 (in any order) is the answer. Note that the title requires to write number and numbers rather than word so we can not write ‘’28 and 33’’

  • 3 Answer: 31

    Keywords in Questions

    Similar words in Passage

    Q3: On what page can you play a game?

    Regular features

    Film reviews __________ 30

    Crossword ____________ 31

    The answer for this question is quite easy to find if you know that crossword is a game. In the Regular features part, “crossword” is mentioned and readers can find it on page 31. Therefore, the answer is “31”.

  • 4 Answer: 12

    Keywords in Questions

    Similar words in Passage

    Q4: page would you go to for information on exotic trips

    Getaway holidays-some popular and some unusual

    In order to answer that question, it is essential to know that ‘’exotic’’ means abroad or overseas. Therefore, noun phrase ‘’exotic trips’’ means journeys to foreign countries. Look at all the page content and we note that the only possible answer is page 12. It is because page 12 aims to suggest several vacations that are ‘’ popular and some unusual’’. Moreover, the word ‘’getaway’’ can be referred to somewhere far way or abroad. Thus, we can tell that 12 is the answer

Questions 5-9

Questions 10-14

Section 1

Reading Passage 1

Look at the contents page from a magazine on the following page.

Why Magazine



Read the advertisements for concerts below and answer Question 5-9

Concerts for January 



Conservatorium High School students play a selection of Mozart concerter.

Date and time: Sat. 7th and 14th January, 8:00 pm.

Ticket price: $10 and 5$


An Afternoon for the young and the young-at-heart. Led by the Giggle Band, sing children's songs from your childhood and from all over the world.

There will be a special appearance by Willy Wallaby,

from the popular children's programme, floppy!

Date and time: Sun. 8th January, 3:00 pm.

Ticket price: $5



Bring someone special with you and listen to some of the greatest love songs as you gaze at the stars together!

Date and time: Sat. 28th January, 8:00 pm. $20 and

Ticket price: $12

NOTE: This content will be held in the Conservatorium Rose Garden, not in the Concert Hall

Bop along 'til late to the rock hits of the last 10 years. Bands playing include The Hippies, The Hypers and The Heroes. If you have a special request, write it down at the ticket counter when you come in.    

Date and time: Sat. 21st January, 8:00 pm.

Ticket price: $10 and $5


World-famous classical guitarist Rodrigo Paras will play a selection of traditional Spanish Flamenco pieces.

Date and time: Sun. 15th and 22nd January, 7:30 pm.

Ticket price: $20 and $12


Read the information below on treatment for snake bites and answer Questions 10-14


Snakes are not normally aggressive and tend to bite only when they are threatened or mishandled. Some snakes, such as the carpet snake, are not poisonous. Others, such as the brown snake, tiger snake and taipan, are very poisonous.


  • leave snakes alone and 
  • do not collect snakes do not put your hands in hollow logs, under piles of wood, or in rubbish
  • be noisy when walking in the bush
  • look carefully when walking through thick grass
  • use a torch around camps at night

Symptoms and signs

These symptoms do not appear immediately, but from about 15 minutes to 2 hours after the person is bitten. There are often no visible symptoms or signs. Take seriously any information from the person concerning:

  • strong emotional reaction
  • headache or double vision
  • drowsiness, giddiness or faintness
  • nausea and/or vomiting and diarrhoea
  • puncture marks about 1 centimetre apart at the site of the bite.
  • Bites are usually on the limbs, especially the legs.
  • reddening bruising
  • sweating
  • breathing difficulties


  • reassure the casualty
  • apply a pressure immobilisation bandage over the bitten area and around the limb
  • seek medical aid urgently

Snakebite Warnings

  • never wash the venom off the skin as this will help in later identification
  • never cut or squeeze the bitten area
  • never try to suck the venom out of the wound