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English for hospitality

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The package includes:
  • Number of Lessons: 30 (Digital)
  • Appox. 45 mins per lesson
  • 824 registered students
  • 1 month available

  • Level: CEFR A2 – B1
  • English for Hospitality is designed for learners from A2 – B1 level who need to improve their English ability to work in the hospitality sector or tourism industry. It is suitable for staff working in front office positions in hotels or those finishing vocational training. It is also suitable for people working in any tourism related role.
  • Checking in and out (procedures, services, directions); Phone calls – front office (reservations, enquiries, explaining facilities); Managing guests’ needs (dealing with complaints and special requests), Work life (duties and responsibilities, procedures and systems).
  • Typical situations that staff will encounter in a hospitality environment.
  • Language that has been checked and validated by hospitality professionals.
  • A functional syllabus aligned to the most common interactions in hotel and tourist office settings.
  • Skills practice in speaking, listening and pronunciation.
  • Extensive use of listening material that features guests and visitors speaking in different accents.
  • Record and playback activities for learners to practise communicating in a variety of different situations that are typical of hospitality.
  • Vocabulary building exercises to increase range and control of both common phrases and technical words related to hospitality and tourist information services.
$89.99 for 6 months
~KZT 40,267.83
IELTS Package
  • Including 7 courses
  • Intensively practice 4 skills
  • Academic vocabulary and grammar
  • For the score IELTS 6.5+
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About English for Hospitality

English for Hospitality is a highly practical ESP course that is designed to prepare learners to work in the hospitality industry and to communicate confidently in a variety of common situations that arise with guests, visitors and tourists.

It is suitable for both in-work and pre-work learning environments and covers typical situations that staff will encounter on a day-to-day basis. There is an emphasis on authentic, real-life language that can be immediately used either face-to-face, or on the telephone.


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