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IELTS Practice Test Writing

IELTS Practice Test Writing

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You will be allowed 1 hour to complete two tasks in the IELTS Academic/GT Writing test.

The total time allowed for the IELTS Academic/GT Writing test is 60 minutes.

Time yourself and allow just one hour to complete both parts of the test.

Task 2 contributes twice as much as task 1 to the Writing score.

Writing task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on task 1

  • write in a formal style
  • write at least 150 words

Writing task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on task 2

  • write in a formal style
  • write at least 250 words

If you want to assess your writing task, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Choose a writing topic

Choose your IELTS Writing Task from the IELTS Test Library:


Step 2: Submit your tasks

After completing and submitting your writing task, buy an evaluation pack.

Step 3: Receive your score

The feedback for your writing tasks will be sent to you via email with an estimated IELTS score band.

Correction Sample:


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