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Model Answer of Recent Writing Task – Letter (Organizing Meeting)

Model Answer of Recent Writing Task – Letter (Organizing Meeting)

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One of the best ways to gauge your preparation level of IELTS letter writing is to attempt a recently appeared question in the exam. This practice is also good for those who want to overcome exam fear. Following is the Writing Task – 1 (General Training) question and you can now first read it and try to complete it in 20 minutes.


You are about to organize a meeting in which people from different countries would participate. For advertising this meeting in a newspaper, you are writing a letter to the publisher to make request for the same. Write a letter to the publisher and in your letter, write:

Say why you are writing

Where and when the meeting is

Why you are organizing this meeting

Write your letter in at least 150 words and begin it with:

Dear Sir/Mam,


Now that you have solved this question, you can read the following model answer and make a comparison with your letter.

Model Answer:

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am writing this letter to request for publishing an advertisement in your national newspaper, The Times of India in tomorrow’s edition. It would be great if you can publish in the first page of the newspaper.

The advertisement is about an international meeting among social media professionals from different countries such as India, China, Japan, America and the UK. It would be held in the Main Hall at Eminent Hall in Gurgaon next week on Monday.

The topic of discussion in the international meeting is social networking and its increasing dominance in today’s world. The motive behind holding this meeting is that it would allow people from different parts of the world to interact with each other and exchange their ideas on the prevalent topic of growing popularity of social media. Moreover, this is a chance to bring harmony in the society where people who are from varied communities, languages and religions can share their views on a common platform.

I hope that you would accept my request and publish the advertisement in tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper.

Yours faithfully,

Prajakta Rai

(185 words)

Useful Tips:

Following tips would be helpful for you in writing a letter effectively:

Factual Information:

  • You can include newspaper name, page number or page title and the date of publication

E.g. The Times of India, front page, tomorrow’s edition

  • You can mention the place where it is to be held and the day or time

E.g. Main Hall, Eminent Mall, Gurgaon, next week, Monday

Useful Vocabulary:

In order to explain the reason of holding the meeting and describing about it, you can use the following phrases:

  • The advertisement is about
  • The topic of discussion
  • The motive behind
  • It would allow people
  • This is a chance to
  • The meeting intends to
  • The meeting aims at
  • It would focus on aspects of


Following sentence connectors can be used while adding details:

  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Apart from this
  • Other than this



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