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Recent Speaking Topics (August 2017)

Recent Speaking Topics (August 2017)

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These topics are very helpful for you to prepare in the coming IELTS exam

You can practice these topics at home before attending the IELTS speaking tests.


1. Describe an invention changed the people’s life.

You should say:

What it is

Who invent it

When it was invented

And explain how it changed people’s life.

Sample answer:

We have experienced various technological inventions over the years. While every invention has its own importance, but there is one invention which has revolutionized our lives. And here I would talk about it. It is invention of the Internet, sometimes called simply "the Net” ,and it really needs no introduction.  But still I would say, it is the global system of interconnected computer networks used by billions of people worldwide.

About its invention, Countless people helped develop it, but the person most often credited with its invention is the computer scientist Lawrence Roberts.  He is an American scientist who received the Draper Prize in 2001 and the Principe de Asturias Award in 2002 "for the development of the Internet". It was invented in 1960, when a team of computer scientists working for the U.S. Defence Department's ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) built a communications network to connect the computers in the agency, called ARPANET.

The Internet has dramatically revolutionized people’s life. It has become a global means of communication in our everyday lives. It is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet for ordering a pizza, buying a television, sharing a moment with a friend, sending a picture over instant messaging and for so many other purposes in different fields. 


2. Describe an occasion that you have a cake that is special

You should say:

What kind of cake it is

When you ate the cake

Who you ate with

and explain why you think the cake is special

Sample answer:

I think, it’s a tradition now to have a cake on any special occasion such as birthdays or anniversary. I have delighted many cakes in my life. My mom bakes a cake for everyone in the family but when its mom’s birthday, I accept that I’ve always cheated and bought the cake from bakery. I knew that baking a cake is a tedious and time-consuming I also know that I’m a horrible baker. The last time I attempted to bake a cake when I was fifteen years old. I was trying to bake chocolate chips cookies from store-bought ready-made cookies. I remember that the cookies made by me looked nothing like the original cookies. It was flat and dry. The cookies ended up in the garbage as even street dogs refused to eat that. From then on, I swore to myself that I would never try to bake anything sweet again. but I wanted to show my mom that how much I love her, so I decided to make a cake for her on her birthday. In order to overcome my bake-o-phobia I asked one of my friend ‘bindu’ to stay on my mom’s birthday with me so that we can surprise her on her birthday.

Bindu came on the time I called her. So finally, it’s the day. The day to bake. The day that I have avoided for a very long time. It took us to three to four hours to make, back and assemble. Firstly I cant believe that of all cakes I tried to back, this was the one. Secondly I realized, how important it is to have at least a electric mixer. I hand-mixed and hand beat everything in the batter. My forearms were very sore by the end of the process. At this time for baking cake, to minimize damage, I stuck to a single layer cake. That cake was baked with salted butter in it. It was looking like a golden colour bread with covered cream. The beauty of that cake was because of the garnishing with small-small red-red pieces of strawberry. The cake was served chilled as partially frozen. When my mom used to have a bite and told everyone that the cake is made by Nilay, I was glad that the cake was baked perfectly. I could never imagine that such beautiful caked could be made at home. Then everyone was having that delighted cake, celebration and lots of fun. The cake and I was appreciated by everyone. that was the one I was ever wanted. And that’s why the cake was very special for me.

3. Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage

you should say

who they are

how you knew them

what they usually do together

and explain how you feel about their marriage


4. Describe TV series you like

you should say:

what the TV series are

who act these series

what is the plot

and explain how you feel about it


5. Describe a work of art that you saw before 

You should say:

When you first saw this work of art

Where you saw it

What it looked like

And explain your feelings about it.


6. Describe a plan you haven’t done yet

You should say:

What is about

When you plan to do it

Why do you want to do it

And explain why you haven’t done it


7. Describe an English lesson you have taken

You should say:

When it was

What it was about

What happen-ed

And explain why you liked it


8. Describe one of your favorite clothing.

You should say:

What is it looks like

How did you get it

Do you often dress it

And explain why it is your favorite clothing


9. Describe a time when you received something free

You should say:

What it was

When and where you got it

Why you got it

And explain how you felt about it


10. Describe a time you need to arrive early

You should say:

When it was
What time you arrived
Why you need to arrive early
How you felt



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