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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Driving)

Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Driving)

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IELTS Speaking exam really worries a lot of students who kept on getting nervous about answering questions and they are often found in doubt what should be the right answer that can let them achieve the target score. With such confusion in mind, they develop some myths and are unsure about the good response to questions asked in IELTS Speaking test. In this scenario, reading sample answers of recently asked questions can be helpful. Practicing the latest speaking questions improve the way you respond. In part 1 of speaking exam, you are asked some introductory questions and some other questions based on your likes or dislikes on a familiar topic. Recently, a student in IELTS was asked some questions that were more centric to driving.

A student who has recently given IELTS Speaking exam reported the following questions asked in part 1 of IELTS Speaking test. Let us find out these questions and read sample answers of these questions.

What is your name?

My name is Rohit Sharma and you can call me Rohit.

Where do you live?

I live in Gandhi Nagar city in Gujarat.

Do you like to live there?

Yes, I like to stay there since it is my hometown where I am brought up, living with my family members. I enjoy talking to my neighbours and have good friends here. All the facilities are available in this city along with good educational and employment opportunities. So, I feel myself lucky to be a resident of this place.

Is there any public transport in your area?

Yeah, we have all the means of transportation available in the area I am staying at. One can travel via public or private buses which are always regular on time. Taxis can also be hired while auto rickshaws are commonly used vehicles for moving to a nearby area.

Do you drive often?

Yes, I drive a lot. I have a personal car which I drive on a daily basis on my way to and from my office. Occasionally, I like to hire a taxi or use public bus whenever there is an issue with my car.

Do you want your children to drive in future?

Yes, definitely. I would like my children also to learn driving so that they can become independent in their lives. Being able to drive is a good way of travelling which just eliminates the hurdle that you may otherwise face if there is no public transportation available or no driver is there to be hired in your area.

Following are some of the useful words/phrases that you can use for questions that ask for “yes” or “no” answer:

IELTS Speaking Part-1 Useful Vocabulary:

  • Definitely………………….
  • Yes, of course…………….
  • Yes, I do…………………….
  • Yes, I would like to……..
  • Yeah, I often do so……..
  • No, I don’t………………….
  • No, I don’t prefer………..
  • Not really but……………..
  • Yes, but occasionally……
  • Yes, sometimes…………..
  • Actually, it depends……..



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