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How does IELTS Indicator work?

How does IELTS Indicator work?

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16 Apr 2020

You can take this test from your home - there’s no need to visit the test centre. 


As you probably know IELTS has postponed many of their regular tests during this COVID19 crisis.

However, they have now launched IELTS Indicator, which is a new online English language test for those of you who are unable to take the regular IELTS test at the moment. 

The Indicator test covers all four skills. You’ll receive a score for each section and an overall score. It’s marked by qualified IELTS examiners, and you’ll receive your results within 7 days.

Universities can use the IELTS Indicator score to consider your conditional application. 

However, it’s not accepted by all organisations, so you should check with your education provider before you book the test.

So, how does it work? 

You can take this test from your home - there’s no need to visit the test centre. 

  • You just need a quiet space, and a laptop or desktop computer.  It works with boths PCs and Macs, but not phones or tablets. 
  • You also need a stable internet connection, a microphone, and some speakers or a set of headphones. 
  • The test will be strictly timed and you can’t pause it and come back later.

So you’ll need to put aside about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections.

The Speaking test is conducted separately, via a video call with an IELTS Examiner. 

Bookings open on April 22nd, so hopefully this can help some of you who are still waiting to take your test. Good luck and stay safe!


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