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About us

I am an individual, non-profit person with ambition to build an application that makes IELTS praticing process easier and save students' precious time.

That's why I made this website.

It was built by lots of loves, thousands hours, enthusiasm and Monster Energies to help me sober through hundred of nights

I like to hear what you've thought about my website, feedbacks, contributions, enrouragements or even critism are all welcome.

Following are few ideas that I want to hear:

  • What can I do to provide better service?
  • What feature, functionality you wish to have on the website?
  • If we have any errors, please let us know by describing it and give us your expected correction

Thanks for caring who am I.

Volunteer needed

I'm too busy with my main work, my kids and this website, I need a hand to help me solve new tests. 
This work is not for me, it's for the community, for learners who want to improve their listening skill.

Job description:

Can you see the explanations at the end of each test? We need you to do something like that. We will give you the test, you will assist us to find the answers' location and explanation for it (if possible) then pass them to us. Your hardwork will be acknowledged.

Requirements are simple:

  • Knows how to use computer and website.
  • Spent 10 - 20 mins per day to solve new tests, if you can't do it everyday, that's fine, once a week is still good, better than nothing.
  • Flexible working hours, start and stop at anytime, no string attached.
  • And the most important thing is NO PAID as I have nothing to pay you :)

If you want to make a better world, please fill-in the 'Contact Us' form at the bottom of the page, then I will contact with you ASAP.


Great thanks to our volunteers below:

Writing Correction Team:

  1. Anh Trần
  2. Yasir
  3. Nguyễn Yến
  4. Hữu Nghĩa

Marking Reading Team:

  1. Lan Nguyen
  2. Ngoc Nguyen
  3. Chenxu Zhao
  4. Tiffany Thuy
  5. Soso
  6. Sanjeet
  7. Hoang Ngoc Huy
  8. Hoàng Long Vương
  9. Hue Uriatp
  10. Trần Tín
  11. Uc Bu
  12. Trương Nhật Minh
  13. Shuk Man Li
  14. Phạm Hoà
  15. Mèo Gấu - Phạm Phương
  16. Tran Hunh
  17. Lan Huong
  18. Ngọc Trần
  19. Huyền Trang
  20. Dung Thùy Nguyễn Thị
  21. Jay Wazir
  22. Haibinh Nguyen

If you want to make a better world like this, please contact us.