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Recent IELTS Speaking Topic and Sample Answer & Wedding Ceremony

Recent IELTS Speaking Topic and Sample Answer & Wedding Ceremony

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To familiarise you with speaking section 2 of the IELTS speaking test and to keep you updated with the recent exam question, following is one speaking topic which was asked to a student recently who gave her exam in the month of August 2016. Let us check it out with sample answer:
IELTS Speaking Topic:
Describe a wedding ceremony where you enjoyed a lot

You should say:

  • Whose wedding this was
  • Where it was held
  • Who attended this wedding

Explain why you enjoyed this wedding a lot
Sample Answer:
I would like to talk about wedding ceremony of my cousin where I had a lot of fun. It was in Jan 2001 when I attended this marriage party at Green Resort, a big palace nearby by home in New Delhi. All of our closed relatives, family members and friends of my cousin as well as that of his immediate family attended this wedding.

My cousin whose name is Rahul got married with his college friend Reema. It was love cum arranged marriage as both were good friends since college days. Parents of both agreed to go ahead with tying them in a bond. I assisted my cousin’s family in making all the requisite arrangements, from venue to catering. The marriage palace was decorated well with lightings and people was dressed to kill in traditional dresses and suits. Apart from this, the catering service of that palace was just amazing as it included several delicious and mouth-watering dishes while the wide variety of sweets were just enough to lure everyone to eat more and more.

I enjoyed this wedding ceremony a lot since it followed traditional customs and values. I danced all night on Bollywood songs and just had a huge fun. This is why I remember this wedding as one of the wonderful wedding ceremonies.
Useful Points for this Speaking Response:
Let us find the approach behind attempting this speaking topic.
At the Beginning

You can begin your cue card saying “I would like to talk about”, “I would like to describe about”, “The wedding ceremony that I attended was”, “Last month, I attended a wedding ceremony” etc.
Including Facts

Factual information such as Jan 2001, Green Resort, New Delhi, friends, family members etc. are good to be used in the beginning of cue card to answer all the bullet points.

Give detailed information of a short story and what happened in the wedding ceremony, for example, how marriage was decided, making arrangements, decoration of venue, dresses worn by guests, catering arrangement, dancing to music etc.
Used adjectives:

  • Requisite
  • Traditional
  • Amazing
  • Delicious
  • Mouth-watering
  • Wonderful

Used Idiom:

Dressed to kill


Used Sentence Connector:

Apart from this


Useful Vocabulary:


Below is a list of vocabulary that may be helpful for this topic:
Enjoyable, interesting, attractive, beautiful, marvellous, unimaginable, lovable, exciting, memorable, celebration, decoration, a lot of fun, entertainment, enjoyment, spectacular marriage, royal wedding, local cultures and rituals, customs, traditions, cuisine, dishes, delicious, spicy, tasty



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