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IELTS Mock Test 2020 March Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • Where is your hometown?

  • Do you like your hometown?

  • How long have you been living there?

  • Did you learn about the history of your hometown at school?

  • How long have you been learning English?

  • Where did you learn?

  • Was it easy to learn?

  • What opportunities do you have to speak? Is it important?

  • Where is your favourite place to sit?

  • Do you always sit down for a long time?

  • Do you feel sleepy when you are sitting down?

  • When you were a kid, did you usually sit on the floor?

  • Describe a piece of clothing that you like wearing.

    You should say:

    what the item of clothing is

    where and when you bought it

    when you wear it

    and explain why you like wearing it.

  • Can clothing tell you much about a person?

  • Why do some companies ask their staff to wear uniforms?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having uniforms at work?

  • When do people wear traditional clothing in your country?

  • How have clothes fashions changed in your country over the last few decades?

  • What is the difference between clothes that young people and old people like to wear?

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