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How to Do Diagram Type of Questions in IELTS Reading?

How to Do Diagram Type of Questions in IELTS Reading?

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Diagram type of question in IELTS reading is another very simple question to solve. In this type of question, you are given a diagram or a picture of any instrument, equipment, gadget, biological process or it can be anything. This image is related to the information given in the passage or an illustration of that. The image represents the description given in the IELTS reading passage.

The diagram in the question is labelled. Some labels would be blank for you to identify by reading the passage. Hence, in this question as well, similar to flow chart or short answer questions, you choose exact words from the passage as your answers. Let us check out some tips on how to do diagram type of questions in IELTS reading.


Match Diagram with Appropriate Paragraph


In the IELTS reading diagram questions, you can only find answers once you locate the right paragraph from the passage which refers to the diagram. For locating the right paragraph, you can look for keywords in the question and try to match those with the reading passage. Try to find in which paragraph the description of diagram is available. Hence, choose the one where you find good details about the image in the question.


Understand the Diagram Well


Before trying to solve the diagram, you should always understand it well. Find out what it is about, what are its blanks, what kinds of answers are expected etc. Some students start solving the diagram without knowing what the diagram question or part of the question is asking for. This is the reason they do mistakes while finding out answers from the passage.


Whatever text is written along with the diagram question, it is very important to read it and go through it well. Some students make silly mistakes to ignore such texts and only focus on the diagram. Hence, this should be avoided since reading the question carefully is also a part of solving it well.


Understand Word Instruction


In some diagram questions of IELTS reading, you are given options below the diagram from where you can choose the right option which fits in the blank well. However, in the other type of diagram question, you are not given any option and thus you have to directly find your answer from the passage.


Some students ignore the options and start finding answers from the passage. So, this kind of silly error should be strictly avoided. Also, if you are not given options, you would be given word instruction at the top of question such as whether you must write in one word, maximum two words or maximum three words. Apart from this, from instruction, you can come to know whether you have to write numbers or words in the answer.


  Do Not Change Words from Passage


As said earlier, diagram questions of IELTS reading are some of the easy questions to solve. It is because of the fact that you can find exact answers from the passage without struggling a lot. The passage is easy to understand and with some hints in the question (from the text written along with the diagram), you are easily able to solve the question correctly. Just keep in mind that you must not change the word, chosen from the passage, while writing down as your answer.


Practice Diagram Type questions here: Plan, map, diagram labelling (mini-ielts.com)

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