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IELTS Explained for Recent Actual Test With Answers (Vol 6) - Reading Test 3

Deepen your understanding of the given information in the passage and sharpen your reading skills with detailed explanation from our IELTS expert. In these comprehensive videos, Jamie will help you locate keywords, find synonyms and scan for information to tackle some of the most common question types.


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9 Videos (56m 29s)

Introduction 00:01:20
Questions 1-5 00:09:06
Questions 6-8 00:05:41
Questions 9-14 00:06:06
Questions 15-21 00:08:16
Questions 22-27 00:04:35
Questions 28-33 00:08:19
Questions 34-37 00:05:47
Questions 38-40 00:07:19

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  • 1-hour high quality video

  • Guided by an experienced IELTS expert

  • Exclusive content with strategies and tips for IELTS tests

  • Lifetime access

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