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Master IELTS General Training Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • How often do you go to the cinema?

  • Did you go to the cinema in your childhood?

  • When you go shopping, do you prefer to pay for things in cash or by card?

  • Do you ever save money to buy special things?

  • Would you ever take a job which had low pay?

  • Would winning a lot of money make a big difference to your life?

  • Describe an interesting discussion you had as part of your work or studies

    You should say:

    What the subject of the discussion was

    Who you discussed the subject with

    What opinions were expressed

    And explain why you found the discussion interesting.

  • Why is it good to discuss problems with other people?

  • Do you think that it’s better to talk to friends and not family about problems?

  • Is it always a good idea to tell lots of people about a problem?

  • Communication skills at work

    Which communication skills are most important when taking part in meetings with colleagues?

  • What are the possible effects of poor written communication skills at work?

  • What do you think will be the future impact of technology on communication in the workplace?

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