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Master IELTS General Training Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 1

Question list

  • What kinds of places are crowded?

  • Do you like to go to crowded places?

  • Why do some people like to go to crowded places?

  • Are there many animals or birds where you live?

  • How often do you watch programmes or read articles about wild animals?

  • Have you ever been to a zoo or a wildlife park?

  • Would you like to have a job working with animals?

  • Describe a website you use that helps you a lot in your work or studies

    You should say:

    What the website it

    How often you use the website

    What information the website gives you

    And explain how your work or studies would change if this website didn’t exist

  • Why do some people find the Internet addictive?

  • What would the world be like without the Internet?

  • Do you think that the way people use the Internet may change in the future?

  • Social media websites

    What are the ways that social media can be used for positive purposes?

  • Why do some individuals post highly negative comments about other people on social media?

  • Do you think that companies’ main form of advertising will be social media in the future?

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