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Tips for IELTS listening

Tips for IELTS listening

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There are four sections in the Listening test. The first two sections are general listening situations, whereas the last two sections are academic situations. Section 4 is usually a lecture. The listening test lasts for 30 minutes plus 10 minutes at the end of the test to write your answers on the answer sheet. There are about 40 questions in total. You only hear each section of the test once so you need to keep up with the tape.

Tips for IELTS listening

1. Be prepared for varying speaker speeds and different accents (American, Australian, Canadian, American, New Zealand, British)

2. Prepare yourself before you listen by reading the questions carefully and trying to imagine what the situation is about. Think about the type of vocabulary you may hear.

3. Answer all the questions. If you miss a question, guess the answer.

4. Spelling counts, so make a note of your common spelling mistakes and work on reducing them.

5. Practice your listening by listening to the radio and watching English films and television. Don't try to understand every word. Just pick out the main points in what is being said.

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