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IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 4 Speaking Practice Test 5

Question list

  • Where do you live now?

  • Who do you live with?

  • What kind of place do you live in (a house or an apartment)?    

  • Do you think it’s better to live in a house or an apartment? Why?    

  • Describe a gift you have received that was important to you.

    You should say:

    who gave it to you and for what occasion

    what it looks like and how you use it 

    why it is important to you

  • Do you enjoy giving and receiving gifts? Why or why not?

  • Who usually gives you gifts?    

  • Who do you give gifts to?

  • In your country when do people usually give gifts?

  • What kinds of gifts do they give?

  • Do you think gift-giving customs are different now than they were in the past? How? 

  • Do you think they will change in the future? How?

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