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IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 4

IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 4

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  • Đăng ngày: 29 Nov 2017
  • Tests taken: 1,937,719
Part 1: Question 1 - 10
  • 1 Central
  • 2 address
  • 3 pool
  • 4 reception
  • 5 view
  • 6 price(s)
  • 7 Spanish
  • 8 July
  • 9 Cliffton
  • 10 903036602
Part 2: Question 11 - 20
  • 11 C
  • 12 A
  • 13 C
  • 14 C
  • 15 A
  • 16 C
  • 17 E
  • 18 A
  • 19 G
  • 20 D
Part 3: Question 21 - 30
  • 21 C
  • 22 A
  • 23 A
  • 24 A
  • 25 E
  • 26 G
  • 27 C
  • 28 A
  • 29 B
  • 30 H
Part 4: Question 31 - 40
  • 31 temperature
  • 32 movements
  • 33 bones
  • 34 bushes
  • 35 roots
  • 36 sharks
  • 37 chicks
  • 38 feathers
  • 39 space(s)
  • 40 diversity


#Thành viênĐiểmThời gian
Vu Bui 9.015:08
Giang Lê Ngan 9.015:12
AJAY GOPAN 9.015:30
4 Enh Bat 9.015:35
5 Quaresma Ahmad Qureia Sukasa 9.015:37
6 Sunny Khan 9.015:49
7 poc nhu 9.016:17
8 lê Minh 9.016:18
9 Arunvijay Thangavel 9.016:26
10 hồ quân 9.016:38

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03 Jun 2018

Review & Explanations:

Part 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Revision Note


•    Problem with: the brochure sample

•    Company name: 1  Hotel Chains

•    Letters of the  2   should be bigger.

•    The information of the  3   should be removed. 

•    Change the description under the top photo to 4

•    Use the picture with the 5  of the hotel.

•    The   6  should be in red print.

•    Translate into 7

•    Deadline: by the end of 8

•    Address: No. 9 Green Drive, 9  , NY21300 

•    Telephone number: 10

  • 1 Answer: Central


    • The words which lead you to the answer are underlined.

    • The word/number you must write for the answer is marked.

    • words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics.

    Note: Question 1 will need to be answered with an Adjective.

    You need to complete the name’s company. The customer said that she come from Central Hotel Chains, so the blank before Hotel Chains needs to be completed with Central.



  • 2 Answer: address

    Note: Question 2 will need to be answered with a Noun.

    The customer complained about the letters of the address. She thought that it was far too small, so it should be bigger. The blank in question 2 needs to completed with address.

  • 3 Answer: pool

    Note: From the question 3, we can assume that the answer must be a Noun.

    The customer said: “The information regarding the pool should be deleted”. In the Audio, you hear the word “deleted”, it has the same meaning with the word “removed” in the question. So the blank needs to be completed with pool.

  • 4 Answer: reception

    Note: In the Audio, you hear exactly the same phrase with the question “the description under the top photo”. “Change to” in the question has the same meaning with “replaced with”, so the answer is reception.

  • 5 Answer: view


    Question 5 will need to be answered with a Noun.

    Listen carefully, you can easily hear this sentence: “We’ve decided to use a picture with the view of the hotel”. The missing words in the sentence is the view. But the answer must be one word, we choose view as the correct answer of this question.  

  • 6 Answer: price(s)


    Question 6 will need to be answered with a Noun.

    The customer wanted to change the color of the prices on the print from black to red. The correct answer of this question is prices.

  • 7 Answer: Spanish

    Note: Question 7

    You hear four languages, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, mentioned very closely together. But at first, the customer requested only the Spanish. The correct answer of this question is Spanish.

  • 8 Answer: July

    Note: Question 8

    The customer needed the print before the end of July, and the employee was confident that he would finish before the deadline. So we choose July as the correct answer of this question.

  • 9 Answer: Cliffton

    Note: Question 9

    The main problem in this question is how to spell the address. Just listen carefully and take a note quickly. The answer is Cliffton.

  • 10 Answer: 903036602

    Note: Question 10

    Listen carefully and take a note quickly. It’s quite easy to answer this question. You need to write down 903036602 in your answer sheet.

Part 1
Change Audio Sources

Nguồn 1

Nguồn 2

Đang nạp...



Good afternoon. Welcome to Matrix Printing. I’m John Smith. How can I help you?


Good afternoon. I’m here to reprint a brochure for our hotel. There are some pages that need revising.


Sure, how may I address you?


Oh, I’m Mary Jane from Central Hotel Chains. Nice to meet you. I’ve got samples of the previous version.


I assume it is your company’s advertising brochure?




What exactly is the problem?


Well, it was printed the year before, so some of the information is already out-of-date. There are also a couple of problems with the layout. Firstly, the letters of the address on the front page are far too small. It’s hard to see when glancing at the cover. 


How big do you need it to be?


Increase the letters by 3 font sizes.


Just a minute. Let me take notes of your requirements... OK, what else needs changing?


The information regarding the pool should be deleted, because it is currently under renovation and is not available.     


So all of the relevant descriptions on page 2 should be removed? What do we replace it with? We can't just leave the whole page blank.


Just fill it in with the introduction of our newly-opened gym. I’ve included all the relevant information here in this flash drive.


Let me check...Um. I see. No problem then.


What is also bothering us is that the description under the top photo on page 4 is incorrect. The wore lounge needs to be replaced with reception.  


Fully noted. Is that all?


No, there is more. Turn to page 5. We feel that showing merely the picture of our exterior and interior decoration does not fully represent the appeal of our hotel. On second thought, we’ve decided to use a picture with the view of the hotel.   


Do you have the original copy of the picture?


Yes, it is also enclosed in the flash drive.


OK, we’ll reedit the whole layout of the photos.




Let’s turn to the next page.


Yes, what’s wrong with that? It seems perfectly fine to me.


At first sight, it seems fine. But according to the feedback of the customers, the prices do not stand out, so we want to change the print from black to red to make it pop out.  


OK. I’ve made notes of all your requests. Is there anything else?


I appreciate it. Just one final request. Could you translate the whole brochure into Spanish? We have customers worldwide, you know, especially those from Latin countries. 


No problem. What about other languages, like Japanese, Chinese or German? These are our most popular target languages.


I have to ask the manager about the Chinese version. There’s been a surging number of Chinese clients during recent years. However, we don’t need German or Japanese translations as we currently don’t have many customers from those two countries.


Sure. Just keep me updated.


So roughly when could we get the revised print? We need it before the end of July.      


It’s late June now. Roughly it’ll take 3 weeks to reedit, so it will definitely be ready before the deadline.




To where shall we send the samples?


The address is No. 9 Green Drive, Cliffion, NY21300.     


How do you spell Cliffion?


C-L-I-double F-T-O-N, Cliffion.


And the telephone number?


It’s 9-0-3-0-3-6-6-0-2. Also, if you have any further questions, you can reach me through this number.




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