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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 4

Question list

  • Let’s talk about your country.

    What is the area where you live like?

  • Have you always lived in the same part of the country? Why/Why not? 

  • Do many visitors travel to your country?

  • What do visitors to your country like to see and do?

  • Now let’s talk about food.

    What is your favourite type of food? Why?

  • Do you prefer eating at home or in a restaurant? Why/Why not?

  • When was the first time you cooked something yourself? What?

  • How happy are you to try eating new things? Why?

  • Describe a present that someone gave you which you liked a lot.

    You should say:

    what the present was

    who gave it to you

    why the person gave you a present and explain why you liked that present a lot.

  • Now let’s talk about giving presents in your country.

    On which occasions do people in your country usually give presents? 

  • How important is it to wrap presents in an attractive way? Why/Why not?

  • Do people who receive a present usually open it straight away, or do they open it later? Why/Why not?

  • Now let’s talk about official charities (e.g. Oxfam, UNICEF).

    How important is it for people to support and give aid to charities? Why/ Why not?

  • What do you think the role of official charities should be?

  • Why can charities sometimes help people more effectively than government organisations can?

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