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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 3

Question list

  • Let’s talk about what you do.

    Do you work, or are you a student? EITHER

  • What subjects do you study?

  • Why did you choose this course?

  • What’s your job?

  • Why did you choose this job?

  • Describe an elderly person in your family who you enjoy talking to.

    You should say:

    who the person is what he/she is like how often you see him/her

    and explain why you enjoy talking to this person.

  • Let’s go on to talk about elderly people who live with their families.

    In your country, do most grandparents live in the same house as their children and grandchildren? Why/Why not?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages for grandparents of living in the same house as their children and grandchildren?

  • Now let’s talk about retirement.

    Do you think some people retire from their jobs too early? Why/Why not?

  • Why do you think some people feel unhappy when they first retire from work? 

  • What types of hobby do people enjoy doing after they have retired from work?

  • Now let’s consider old age in the future.

    What kinds of problem can be caused when the proportion of elderly people in a country keeps rising?

  • In what ways might the lives of elderly people be different in the future? Why/ Why not?

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