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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 2 Speaking Practice Test 5

Question list

  • What qualifications did you have to have for your job?

  • Do you meet many people in your job / studies? Why /Why not?

  • Now let’s talk about clothes.

    What kind of clothes do you wear for work / college?

  • Do you prefer wearing formal or casual clothes? Why?

  • Do you like to get clothes as gifts from friends or family? Why / Why not?

  • Describe a family event you are looking forward to.

    You should say:

    what the event is

    where it will be held

    what you will do at this event

    Explain why you are looking forward to this family event.

  • Let’s talk about family celebrations.

    What type of special occasions are generally celebrated in your country?

  • How important is it for families to celebrate occasions together? Why?

  • Are family occasions as important today as they were for former generations?

  • Let’s think about any recent social changes in your country

    How has the role of elderly people in the family changed in recent times?

  • Who has more power and influence in the family today, young people or grandparents?

  • In the future what kind of units or groups will people live in, do you think? 

  • What impact have modern lifestyles had on neighbourhood communities? Why?

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