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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 1 Speaking Practice Test 3

Question list

  • What country do you come from?

  •  Which other countries have you visited?

  •  Are there any countries you would like to visit? Why?

  •  What do you find difficult about travelling?

  •  What do you enjoy about travelling?

  •  What is your preferred method of travel?

  • Describe a job that you have done.

    You should say:  

    how you got the job

    what the job involved how long the job lasted

    Describe how well you did the job. 

  • What do you do?

  • What are your responsibilities?

  • How many hours do you work each day?

  • Do you enjoy your work?

  • Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?

  • If you could change your job or profession, what would you do?

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