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IELTS Practice Test Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • Why don't we talk about the restaurants in your hometown?

  • Are the restaurants in your home town good or bad? Why?

  • How do these restaurants compare to those elsewhere in your country?

  • Is there much variety in the types of food these restaurants have?

  • Let's move on to talk about photocopying.

    Do you do much photocopying? Why (not)?

  • Did you do more, or less, photocopying in the past?

  • Do photocopiers sometimes annoy you? In what way?

  • Let's talk about crime in your neighbourhood.

    Is there much crime in the town where you live?

  • What are the most common sorts of crime?

  • Have you ever felt unsafe when walking around? Why (not)?

  • Would you like to be a police officer? Why (not)?

  • Describe a historical period or event that interests you.

    You should talk about:

    - the exact period or event

    - the reason it interests you

    - what you would do or try to see there

    and how you learnt or knew about this time.

  • Change over your Lifetime

    Have you seen much change in technology in your lifetime?

  • Do you think these changes are good?

  • Has the society you lived among changed also? In what way?

  • Do you think these changes are good? Why (not)?

  • The Teaching of History

    Is history a popular subject in your education system?

  • Which countries' histories are taught more than others?

  • Is this history taught in interesting ways?

  • Would you say that knowing about history is important, or not important, to modern life?

  • Your country's History

    Is there much public interest in your country's history? (e.g. television historical dramas)?

  • Are there any historical issues or events that cause controversy? What are they?

  • Does your country celebrate any historical events or anniversaries? Which ones? Why?

  • Do you think your country focuses too much, or not enough, on its history?

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