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IELTS Mock Test 2023 March Speaking Practice Test 3

Question list

  • Do you live in a house or a flat?

  • Can you describe the place where you live?

  • How long have you lived there?

  • Who do you live with?

  • What room does your family spend most of the time in?

  • What snacks do you like to eat?

  • Did you often eat snacks when you were young?

  • When do you usually eat snacks now?

  • Do you think it is healthy for you to eat snacks?

  • Do you like singing? Why?

  • Have you ever learnt how to sing?

  • Who do you want to sing for?

  • Do you think singing can bring happiness to people?

  • Describe a movie you watched recently and would like to watch again

    You should say:

    • What type of movie it was
    • What it was about
    • Where you watched it

    And explain why you would like to watch it again

  • Where do people normally watch movies?

  • What are the differences between watching movies at home and in a cinema?

  • Are actors of actresses important to movies? Why?

  • Why are there fewer people going to the cinema to watch movies nowadays?

  • What makes a movie a blockbuster?

  • Why do people of different ages like different types of movies?

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