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IELTS Mock Test 2022 November Speaking Practice Test 4

Question list

  • Where is your hometown?

  • What is your hometown like?

  • What is the oldest place in your hometown?

  • Do you think your hometown is a good place to bring up children?

  • How do children celebrate birthdays in your country?

  • How did you celebrate your last birthday?

  • What kinds of birthday gifts do you like to receive?

  • Is there a difference between the way you celebrate your birthday in the past and in the present?

  • Which is the most important birthday in your cultures?

  • Do you often use a dictionary?

  • What do you use dictionaries for?

  • What kinds of dictionaries do you think are most useful?

  • Describe someone or something that made a lot of noise.

    You should say:

    who made the noise

    what the noise was like

    what you did when you heard the noise

    and how you feel about it.

  • What are the biggest causes of noise pollution?

  • Why is noise pollution harmful to us?

  • Why do some people hang out in crowded and noisy places?

  • What do you think about People who listen to music without headphones in public transportation?

  • Do you think people pay more attention to water pollution than noise pollution? Why?

  • What should society do to reduce noise pollution?

  • Do you believe that the world will be noisier in the future? Why?

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