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IELTS Mock Test 2022 April

IELTS Mock Test 2022 April

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  • Đăng ngày: 12 Apr 2022
  • Tests taken: 356,797
Part 1: Question 1 - 10
  • 1 Okamura
  • 2 Kingstone Street
  • 3 Japanese
  • 4 32
  • 5 Married
  • 6 C
  • 7 B
  • 8 A
  • 9 Monday; (and) Friday
  • 10 photos; (and?) passport
Part 2: Question 11 - 19
  • 11 Leave windows open
  • 12 pickproof locking device
  • 13 you don’t know
  • 14 (a) peephole
  • 15 from the window
  • 16 inventory
  • 17 C
  • 18 A
  • 19 20 B,E
Part 3: Question 21 - 30
  • 21 stay
  • 22 speak
  • 23 bark
  • 24 bite
  • 25 sniff
  • 26 C
  • 27 B
  • 28 C
  • 29 A
  • 30 B
Part 4: Question 31 - 40
  • 31 interest
  • 32 important
  • 33 complex
  • 34 research methods
  • 35 (language) learning process
  • 36 (terms) analysis
  • 37 educational approaches
  • 38 spoken
  • 39 reading
  • 40 writing/written language


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Hritik Bafna 9.015:16
4 Rahul Reddy 9.015:18
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10 Confidence chukwudi 9.015:42

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Review & Explanations:

Part 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

The applicant wants to apply for a visa to Australia (Example)


Name:Kelly 1
Address:106 2 , Hawaii.
Nationality: 3
Age: 4
Marital status: 5
  • 1 Answer: Okamura


    • The keyword concerned in Q1 is “name”, and take a look at the question, we can assume that the answer must be “family name”.

    • At first, the applicant spells his first name, but the visa officer needs his family name to fill in the form. ‘Family name’ in the tapescript means ‘last name’ on the form. After that the applicant spells his family name clearly, it is O-K-A-M-U-R-A and the visa officer also repeats it correctly.

  • 2 Answer: Kingstone Street


    • The keyword concerned in Q2 should be “address”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be names.

    • You need to fill in the middle of the address, and the word is not too difficult for you to catch. The applicant says it is “Kingstone Street” in Hawaii, and this phrase is also repeated by the visa officer to make sure it is correct.

  • 3 Answer: Japanese


    • The keyword concerned in Q3 is “nationality

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be an adjective related to the official right of a person to belong to a particular country.

    • Two nationalities are mentioned: American and Japanese (‘Japan” in the tapescript). The applicant says that “he was born in Japan, but moved to Hawaii six years ago”. This means that Japan is the place he was born and grew up while America is the place he has been living for a short period of time. The form asks for the nationality, so Japanese is the correct answer.

  • 4 Answer: 32


    • The keyword concerned in Q4 is “age”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a number.

    • The applicant says ‘I’m 32’, so you can write down ‘32’ or ‘thirty two’.

  • 5 Answer: Married


    • The keyword concerned Q5 is “marital status”.

    • From the question, we can guess the applicant’s answer could be “married” or “single

    • The librarian’s question suggests that the answer will soon appear. If you cannot catch his answer “yes” to the officer’s question, you can make a guess by his following sentence ‘My wife’s Chinese’. This means that he has a wife, he got married.

Questions 6-8

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


According to the applicant, who lives in Australia?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: C


  • The keywords concerned in Q6 should be “ who/ live in Autralia/ relatives”.

  • Keywords are mentioned in the recording such as “relatives, Australia”. There are three people living in Australia in the applicant’s answer: his uncle, his sister-in-law and his wife’s cousin.

+ His uncle died, so B is incorrect.

+ Option A is incorrect because it is his wife’s cousin, not his cousin.

So C is the correct answer.


The applicant wants to visit Australia because he wants to_.

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B


  • The keywords concerned in Q7 are “visit Australia because”, “the purpose of your trip” and “mainly because”.

  • The question is about the reason the applicant wants to go to Australia. All three options are mentioned in the recording, however, you need to look for his main purpose.

+ The applicant says that his trip to Australia is mainly because he wants to looking for business opportunities. So B must be the correct answer.

+ A is incorrect as it can be inferred from the applicant’s answer that he also would like to go sightseeing but it is not the main purpose of his trip.

+ C is incorrect because the applicant says that he has no intention to work in Australia.


The applicant can have a visa for_.

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: A


  • The keywords concerned in Q8 are “the applicant”, “visa”, “for

  • 3 options can be heard in the recording:

+ 6 months is for “business visa”. This can be inferred as the correct answer because the applicant wants to go to Australia for business purpose.

+ 12 months is for the visa of the applicant’s wife.

+ 30 days is for a standard tourist visa.

So A should be the answer for this question.

Questions 9-10

Complete the sentences below.


The applicant must go to the visa office between


What two things must the applicant take to the visa office?


  • 9 Answer: Monday; (and) Friday


    • The keywords concerned in Q9 are “visa office” and “between”, so we can assume that the answer may relate to the time or date when the applicant can come to the visa office.

    • From the recording, the officer mentions that the applicant must come during weekdays (from Monday to Friday).

    • The word “between” in the question is paraphrased to “during” in the recording. We cannot say “between weekdays” because there are five days in this period of time while “between” is used to separate two different times.

    • Weekdays last from Monday to Friday, and weekend is Saturday and Sunday.

    • Since NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER is allowed for each question, the correct answer for this question is “Monday and Friday”.

  • 10 Answer: photos; (and?) passport


    • The keywords concerned in Q10 are “two things” “must”, “take”, “to the visa office”. The verb “take” is paraphrased to “bring along” in the recording.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be two Nouns.

    • The applicant’s answer is “two passport size photos” and “passport”. As the exercise imposes word limit on the applicant’s answer, the final outcome should be written shortly as “photos and passport

Part 1
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V = Visa officer; A = Applicant

V: Good morning, visa office. How can I help you?

A: Good morning. I’d like to apply for a visa to Australia , please.

V: Certainly, sir. I’ll just get a form and then I’ll need to take some details down. OK. Here we go. Right, can I have your name, please?

A: Yes, it’s Okamura . Kelly Okamura.

V: And how do you spell that, please?

A: K, E, double L.„

V: No, your family name, please.

A: Oh, sorry. It’s O-K-A-M-U-R-A.

V: O-K-A-M-U-R-A. And your address?

A: Apartment 106 Kingston. Kingstone Street. Hawaii.

V: Kingstone Street. Hawaii?

A: Yes, that’s correct.

V: So you’re an American ?

A: Actually, I was born in Japan, but moved to Hawaii six years ago.

V: And can I have your age please, Mr. Okamura?

A: I’m 32.

V: And are you married?

A: Yes. I am. My wife’s Chinese .

V: And will your wife accompany you to Australia?

A: Yes, she will. In fact that’s the reason we want, to go. Her sister lives in Sydney.

V: Do you have any relatives living in Australia?

A: I used to have an uncle, but he died several years ago. Now there’s only my sister-in-law and my wife’s cousin.

V: So the purpose of your trip is to visit your wife’s relatives . Am I correct?

A: Well, not exactly. Mainly because I have my own trading company and I will be looking for business opportunities. Although I do want to do some traveling as well. You know, see some of the sights, that sort of thing. Although 1 don’t intend to work in Australia.

V: And your wife? What will she be doing?

A: She’ll be studying English. She wants a student visa .

V: And how long do you plan to stay?

A: About one year, I guess.

V: Well, I’m afraid a standard tourist visa is only valid for 30 days , although in your case we can issue you with a business visa. Business visas last for six months. But you will be able to renew it. We can give your wife a twelve-month visa though.

A: Six months is OK. So what do I need to do now?

V: Come along to the office any time during weekdays. But it must be office hours. We close at 5:30. And bring along two passport size photos and your passport of course. Your wife will also need two photos. So that’s four passport size photos in total.

A: OK. Thank you for your help. Bye.

V: Bye.

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