雅思考官写作指导 - Part 2 例题与范文:人类与动物

雅思考官写作指导 - Part 2 例题与范文:人类与动物

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下面是最近在雅思写作Part 2中出现的一篇考试作文题目。我们将对一位考生的7分作文进行评估,并列出另外一份范文供同学们自己研究和参考。


A growing number of people feel that animals should not be exploited by people. Hence, that they should have the same rights as humans. So, while others argue that humans must employ animals to satisfy their various needs . Hence, including uses of food and research.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.




Today it is almost impossible to see human environment without animals.

There are enormous fields, where humans are dependent on animals. First and foremost is, the milk industry. Milk is known as the complete food for human being, without which there will be deficiency of vitamins in the body and ultimately immunity of human body will be compromised .But, this is like give and take job. Extraction of milk without taking care of animal’s necessities like food, water, vaccination and residence must not be done.

There are fields like medical research, where the experiments of new medicines are performed on animals prior to trying on human volunteers. Without animal experiments advanced medicines cannot be brought to the market. Hence, which are effective in fighting against deadly illnesses. But it does not mean that researched animal should be left neglected. They must be provided basic necessities. Animals like dogs. So specially sniffer dogs can save life of entire community by detecting bombs and other threats. In hilly areas animals remain best mode of transportation where vehicles cannot get proper access.

However, to nurture leather industries and meat industries, massacring animals is abhorring. As desire to saturate hunger. Also, by slaughtering animals and fulfilling dreams of wearing leather garments at the cost of animals’ life . Also, is not the wise way to emply.













错误1: “There are enormous fields, where humans are dependent on animals”

正解1: “There are enormous fields where humans are dependent on animals.”

错误2:”First and foremost is, the milk industry.”

正解2:”First and foremost is the milk industry.”

错误3: “In hilly areas animals remain best mode of transportation where vehicles cannot get proper access.”

正解3: “In hilly areas, animals remain best mode of transportation where vehicles cannot get proper access.”


错误:“Animals like dogs, especially sniffer dogs can save life of entire community by detecting bombs. Also and other threats.” (文章中丢失了entire前的 an)

正解:“Animals like dogs, especially sniffer dogs, can save life of an entire community by detecting bombs . Also, and other threats.”






The sentiments in favour of and against animal usage for various human needs have always remained in the forefronts of discussion. This write up will attempt to debate both views, thereby arriving at a conclusion.

From time immemorial, early man has been using animals. Especially employing them to satisfy his basic needs of food, clothing, hunting, transportation etc. While cattle rearing for food and diary needs become the next best things known to man. But, after agriculture, he started domesticating animals such as dog for security, donkeys and bulls. So, as beasts of burden, horses and elephants as transportation vehicles etc. As time progressed, man found several other avenues wherein animals could partner with him for progression. Specifically, of the human race such as research, medicine etc.

However, some sections of the society are against the usage of animals for any need, whatsoever. For instance the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) activists. They hold nationwide protests to create sentiments in favor of animals. The famous Salman Khan’s black buck case booked the actor for harming endangered species. Similarly, Jallikatu protests banned bull race in Tamil Nadu. Also, with the objective of eliminating or minimizing cruelty on bulls.

I personally feel that animals are very much a part and parcel of the human civilization. Also mankind will be incomplete without their association, support, and contribution. Mankind should be benefited by them. But, however, the right checks and balances should be in place to ensure prevention of their exploitation.



然而,有些社会团体反对使用动物来满足任何需要。例如PETA(善待动物组织)的积极分子。他们在全国范围内举行抗议活动,营造出保护动物的大氛围。著名的萨尔曼汗(Salman Khan)的“黑鹿”(black buck)一案令这位演员因伤害濒危物种而被捕。同样地,在泰米尔纳德邦,Jallikatu的抗议禁止了斗牛,目的是消除或减少对牛的虐待。



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