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Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your friend is thinking about learning to drive and would like some advice.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

•    say why a driving licence is advantageous

•    recommend a driving school

•    give any extra guidance/tips


You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


You should write at least 150 words.

Writing Task 1

Dear yash,

Hi.there hope you are doing well and all your family are doing well too.i am also fine despite of some hard work.i've delighted to know you are learn driving.ever since you asked me for my opinion about driving,i've been kicking around the matter befor writing this letter.i opin you should have had the skill years ago.any way batter let then never.

I think it is worthwhile learning the driving as it has several benefits. First of all, you will get driving license. This means you will get rid of depending on the obnoxious driver you have. You can go anywhere, anytime you want to. In other words, you can enjoy a great deal of freedom. Apart from this, the driving license will serve as your personal I.D. You can use it in a variety of places for instance, opening an account, writing a cheque, applying for loan, using a debit or credit card, and so forth. And most importantly, it will be very worthwhile if you encounter an accident. Let me explain a bit more. Suppose you have a wreck, are badly wounded, and can’t communicate with first respondent, they then will search your billfold for your driver’s license to identify who you are. However, there is one thing you might want to know about the driving schools. To the best of my knowledge, Kingfisher driving school would be perfect for you. You must, of course, use your own judgment, but I would suggest this. There is one more thing you have to consider that ‘don’t drive on the highways until you become confident of your competence’.

Let me know if you need any information regarding driving. Have a nice learning experience.

With best wishes,

meet patel

Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Should long-term job seekers in receipt of government benefits be made to do voluntary work so that they give something back to the community?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

t is fact that full-time employees need to do voluntary work by giving credits to the government. Often, this term applies in every country for the future as its views contribute to the nation . For this, this essay will provide valid reasons and appropriate examples with further explanation in the following paragraphs.

To embark with reasons, there are a plethora of merits explain that why full-time job finder ought to do public work. Firstly, employees will support politics by overcoming the financial budget of the country which are paid to the jobless unless they acquire particular work. According to research papers stated that it is required to do social work for the neighbours and in Canada, there are over 30% of students apply for community work or charity work so in which they will engage with the leader. Thus, it is clear that this is how some long-term workers obtain their work in order to the countries benefits.

Furthermore, the above factors not just support all labours but also will improve the individuals lives by changing the skills of independence. For instance, every nation has perhaps stubborn seekers who are hungery to achieve rewards and wages from the government. Indeed, instead of this they should surrender to the community to repay their efforts. But, on the flip side of the subject, it should not be compulsory to all who have desire for the career development job.

In conclusion, full-time job seekers tend to apply for charitable works instead of doing waste of time. As per my perspective, It is believed that the option should rely on the employee's choice; either they need to contribute to the homeland or do other tasks.

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