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Speaking Practice Test 307

Chidimma O...'s recordings

What games are popular in your country? [Why?] 00:00
Do you play any games? [Why/Why not?] 02:25
How do people learn to play games in your country? 02:59
Do you think it’s important for people to play games? [Why/Why not?] 03:20
Describe a book that you enjoyed reading because you had to think a lot. 00:00

You should say:

What this book was

Why you decided to read it

What reading this book made you think about

And explain why you enjoyed reading this book

Do you generally read a lot of books or do you prefer watching TV? Why? 00:00
What kind of books are considered good reads in your opinion? 00:06
Do you think that people read nowadays as they did in the past? 00:16
Do you regard famous writers as good role models? 00:31
If a movie is based on a book, would you prefer to read the book or to watch the film? Why? 01:09
How our reading habit changes as we grow up? Why does it happen? 02:04
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