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Speaking Practice Test 35127

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What were your first feelings about school? 00:00
Which teacher left the deepest impression on you? 00:39
What subjects did you study in secondary school (=high school)? 02:04
What was your favourite subject in secondary school (=high school)? 03:17
And which subject did you like the least? (Why?) 04:22
Describe a newspaper or a magazine that you like to read. 00:00

You should say:

– What the publication is

– What kind of information it contains

– How often you read it

And explain why you read it

Why is it important to read the news? 00:00
Do you prefer to receive your by reading it, or to listen to the news on the radio, TV or internet? 01:17
Do you think newspapers and magazines might one day disappear? 03:03
What qualifications should a person have to work in a news corporation? 04:18
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