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Speaking Practice Test 178889

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Do you bake? 00:13
Do you like eating cakes? 00:12
Do you like cakes or desserts when you were a child? 00:29
Do you know how to bake cakes? 00:05
Have you ever made any cakes? 00:08
Have you baked anything recently? 00:06
Do you like to eat sweet things after your meal? 00:12
What occasions do people usually eat cakes in your country? 00:14
Are there any sweet foods in your country? 00:16
In your culture, do people like eating cakes in festivals? 00:08
Describe your favourite teacher. 01:56

You should say:

who this teacher was

what this teacher taught

how long you had this teacher and explain why you liked this teacher so much.

Did other students also like this teacher?

What are the qualities of a good teacher? 00:22
What differences in teaching styles have you experienced with different teachers? 00:32
Should teachers use discipline in the classroom? 00:37
Can students learn from computers? 00:13
Can you describe the education system in your country? 00:39
When should children start formal schooling? 00:31
Has education changed since your parents’ day—in the last 25 years? 00:50
Should education be free? 00:35
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