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Speaking Practice Test 159056

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Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in? 00:58
How long have you lived there? 00:19
What do you like about living there? 00:42
What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in? 01:38
Describe your favourite news source. 2:00

You should say

what it is

how often you use it

what types of news you are interested in

what other news sources you use

and explain why this is your favourite news source.

How popular is watching television in your country? 00:52
Tell me about the types of programmes that are generally on television in your country. 01:02
Why do people like watching television? 01:01
Which one do you think is better - state or private television? Why? 01:04
What effects can watching television have on children? 00:33
How TV programmes differ now than that of 10 years ago? 00:28
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