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Speaking Practice Test 78243

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Do you think emails are useful? 00:33
Do you think it is a good thing that companies send out spam email for advertising purposes? 00:49
Do you think email can replace handwriting? 00:54
Do you often write something by hand? 00:40
Who do you usually write to and what do you write about? 00:28
What are the differences between handwriting and email? 01:09
Describe an important text message you received. 2:00

You should say:

who sent it to you

why still remember it

and explain how you felt after you received it.

Do you think a traditional letter is a good way to send messages? Why? 00:58
What are the positive and negative effects of using technology to communicate? 01:21
What kind of services do people mostly use to sending their important and secretive messages? Why? 00:48
What kind of services do people mostly like to use to send important messages? 00:27
Why do people make phone calls instead of sending messages when there is something important? 00:49
Do you think human communication will evolve in the future? Why? 00:37
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