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Speaking Practice Test 52304

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Where are you from? 00:04
Do you work or study? 00:05
What is your job? 00:03
How long have you been doing your job? 00:06
How was your first day at work? 00:05
Which job do you prefer in the future? 00:06
Do you usually do the same things in the mornings? 00:04
Do you think breakfast is important? 00:04
Do you want to change your daily routines in the future? 00:07
Do you like to buy gifts for others? 00:06
Do you like to receive gifts too? 00:03
Did you ever receive a handmade gift? 00:03
Describe a beautiful city you’ve visited  01:03

You should say:

  • Where is it?
  • When did you go there?
  • What did you do there?
  • And explain why you like it
What are the advantages of living in the countryside? 00:46
Is life in a village or in a small town better than city life? 01:24
Should children be raised in the city or countryside? 00:42
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