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Speaking Practice Test 427557

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Moving on to Food, let's talk about food… What kind of food do you like? 00:00
What are typical foods in your country? 00:21
Is cooking a man's or woman's job? 00:40
How do you like foreign food? 00:57
Describe a well-paid job you would like to do/you will be good at in the future. 00:00

You should say:

  • what the job is
  • what qualifications are required for this job
  • how this job is different than other jobs

and explain why you would like to be good at this job.

What kind of jobs are poorly-paid in your country? 00:00
Do people who have different levels of income feel happy about how much they earn? 00:39
Do you think it is good to change jobs frequently? 01:24
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