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Speaking Practice Test 290731

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How often do you buy clothes? 00:00
What is your favorite color for clothes? 00:40
What kinds of clothes do you usually buy? 01:22
What kind of clothes do you never wear? 02:06
Can we judge a person's character by clothing? Why? 02:45
Do you wear the same style of clothes on weekdays and weekends? 04:05
Describe a time you waited for someone/something (special to happen) 00:00

You should say:

  • what you were waiting for?
  • how you felt?
  • what you did while waiting?
  • why you had waiting?
What type of leisure activities are popular in your country? 00:00
Why it is important for people to have leisure activities? 00:45
Why are some leisure activities more popular than others? 01:36
Do you think that parents should choose leisure activities for their children? Why/Why not? 02:54
Has free time activities among people in your country changed much than that of 2 decades ago? 03:48
What changes do you think technologies has brought in the way people enjoy their leisure activities? 04:55
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