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Speaking Practice Test 233866

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When do you usually like to go out? 00:00
What kinds of things do you like to do when you go out? 00:56
Do you spend a lot of money on going out every month? 01:45
What kinds of things would you like to do, in the future, when you go out? 02:37
Describe a fun indoor game you played as a child 00:00

You should say:

-    what the name of the game was

-    what the aim of the game was

-    who you played with and explain why it was such fun for you.

Are there a lot of places in your country for young people to go out? 00:00
What kinds of live entertainment are popular in your country? 01:25
What places would you recommend a tourist go to, for entertainment, in your country? 02:23
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