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IELTS Recent Actual Test With Answers Volume 2

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Listening Practice Test 1
  • 1 50/fifty
  • 2 26th August
  • 3 15
  • 4 ice cream/ice-cream
  • 5 wine
  • 6 10%/percent
  • 7 cold meals
  • 8 vegetarian
  • 9 Thursday
  • 10 28653479
  • 11 recommend
  • 12 legal aid
  • 13 form of identification
  • 14 advice/advise
  • 15 (offensive) weapons
  • 16 supply (hard)
  • 17 20 B,C,F,G
  • 21 show up
  • 22 apologise/apologize
  • 23 Particular
  • 24 draw attention
  • 25 audience
  • 26 D
  • 27 C
  • 28 A
  • 29 C
  • 30 A
  • 31 iron
  • 32 1876
  • 33 1858
  • 34 4/four(stages)
  • 35 copper and tin
  • 36 hilltop
  • 37 luxury trade
  • 38 expansion and migration
  • 39 spread rapidly
  • 40 graves


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Lily Alekseeva 8.535:32
4 gulnoza bakhtiyorova 816:06
5 Micheal Fagbayimu 824:04
6 Katy Englezakis 824:58
7 safarli.huseyn 825:51
8 Zahid Tanjir Morsalin 827:18
9 Abdullah Khatib 827:20
10 Nathassa Budi 829:06

Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-4

Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

How many people are Cindy and Bob planning the picnic for?


On which date will the picnic be held?


What is the total budget for food and drink per person?

£ 3

Which food does Bob specifically say is unsuitable?


  • 1 Answer: 50/fifty


    • the words which lead you to the answer are underlined.

    • the word/number you must write for the answer is marked.

    • words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics.

    • Q1: How many people are Cindy and Bob planning the picnic for?

    • The keyword concerned in Q1 is “how many people”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a number.

    • Cindy’s question “How many people have said that they’re coming on the company picnic? can be seen as a suggestion for  the answer’s appearance.

    • Bob mentioned: 35 definite and another 10 probable. But it is the number of whom said that they’re coming on the company picnic, it is not the number of people which Cindy and Bob planning.

    • After that, Cindy said “50

    • So, we can conclude that 50/fifty.


  • 2 Answer: 26th August
    • Q2: On which date will the picnic be held?

    • The keywords concerned in Q2 should be “date” and “the picnic be held” so the answer must be a day of month.

    • Bob’s question “we’re fixed the date for...?” can be seen as a suggestion for the answer’s appearance.

    • Cindy answered: 26th. The last Sunday in August

    • So the answer is 26th August.

  • 3 Answer: 15
    • Q3: What is the total budget for food and drink per person?

    • The keywords concerned in Q3 are “total budget” and “for food and drink”.

    • Bob mentioned “what’s our budget?” suggests that the answer will soon appear.

    • Cindy answered for Bob’s question: £10 a head for food and £5 a head for drinks . And the Q3 is the total budget so we must sum the budget for food and for drink: 10 + 5 = 15.

    • For these reasons, the answer is £15.

  • 4 Answer: ice cream/ice-cream
    • Q4: Which food does Bob specifically say is unsuitable?

    • The keywords concerned in Q4 should be “food”, “Bob” and “unsuitable”. So the answer must be a food mentioned by Bob.

    • Bob said food that could deteriorate in the sun, the word “deteriorate” is synonym for “unsuitable”.

    • For these reasons, the answer is ice cream.

Questions 5-8

Complete the following notes about the three catering companies Bob and Cindy discuss.


Paris Kitchen

  • lack of variety of food
  • poor quality 5

Company Caterers

  • expensive
  • 6 discount for groups of 30 or more


  • new company
  • only 7 for picnics
  • 8 dishes
  • offers free samples
    • 5 Answer: wine
      • The keywords concerned in Q5 are “Paris Kitchen”, “lack of variety of food” and “poor quality”. So the answer must be a kind of food

      • Bob mentioned Paris Kitchen and Cindy said her friend told her that food was good, but not quite the variety they’d expected, some wine was not very good.

      • For these reasons, the answer is wine.

    • 6 Answer: 10%/percent
      • The keywords concerned in Q6 are “Company Caterers”, “expensive” and “discount for group of 30 or more”. So the answer must be percentage.

      • Bob mentioned Company Caterers and said the price is £12 a head for food. That’s more than our budget. It means the price is expensive.

      • Cindy mentioned the offer: a discount for groups of more than 30 is 10%

      • So, the answer is 10%/ ten percent.

    • 7 Answer: cold meals
      • The keywords concerned in Q7 and Q8 are “Celebrations”, “only for picnics” and “dishes offers free samples”. So the answer can be a kind of food.

      • Cindy mentioned Celebrations and she said they “just provide cold meals for picnics”, it means they only have cold meals for picnics.

      • Therefore, the answer for Q7 is cold meals.

    • 8 Answer: vegetarian
      • She also mentioned vegetarian dishes to take into consideration, it has the same meaning with Q8.

      • Therefore, the answer for Q8 is vegetarian.

    Questions 9-10

    Answer the questions using ONE WORD OR A TELEPHONE NUMBER.

    When will Bob and Cindy go to Celebrations?


    What is Celebrations“ telephone number?


    • 9 Answer: Thursday
      • Q9: When will Bob and Cindy go to Celebrations?

      • The keywords concerned in Q9 are “when” and “go to Celebrations”. The question require the answer using one word so it must be a day of week.

      • Cindy and Bob want to be sure for the quality of food so they decide to go to Celebrations to try some of the dishes. Bob recommended tomorrow but they’ve got that meeting tomorrow so the day after tomorrow - thursday at 11 is the most sensible way.

      • The answer is only one word so the answer is Thursday.

    • 10 Answer: 28653479
      • Q10: What is Celebrations’ telephone number?

      • The keyword concerned in Q10 is “telephone number”.

      • Bob read the phone number.

      • Thus, the answer for Q10 should be 28 65 34 79.

    Section 1
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    Cindy: So, Bob, how many people have said that they’re coming on the company picnic ?
    Bob: Well, Cindy, we’ve got 35 definite and another 10 probable.
    Cindy: Shall we say 50
    Bob: I think so. And we’ve fixed the date for…?
    Cindy: 26th. The last Sunday in August
    Bob: Great! I hope the weather is good.
    Cindy: Should be. Now, we have to decide where to order the food from and what kind of things we want.
    Bob: Right. What’s our budget?
    Cindy: We decided to go for £10 a head for food and £5 a head for drinks. 
    Bob: OK. I got some pamphlets from caterers. What do you think?
    Cindy: The most important thing is to make sure there’s a variety of food. We don’t want people complaining that they don’t like anything.
    Bob: We also don’t want food that could deteriorate in the sun-ice cream, that kind of thing.
    Cindy: You’ve seen these pamphlets. What do you think?
    Bob: Well, I thought Paris Kitchen looked good. The price almost exactly meets our budget and they seem to have a good variety.
    Cindy: I don’t know. A friend of mine used them for her company and wasn’t impressed.
    Bob: Really? What exactly didn’t she like?
    Cindy: Well, the food… she said the food was good, but not quite the variety they’d expected. The drinks included some wine, which was apparently not very good.
    Bob: Oh. Well, perhaps we need to consider this one… er … Company Caterers.
    Cindy: Looks a bit pricey. Mind you, I’ve heard that they are very good.
    Bob: Let me check the price. … Yes … £12 a head for food. That’s more than our budget. Do you think we could get a discount?
    Cindy: Let’s see if it says anything in the pamphlet. … Yes, they do offer a discount for groups of more than 30. … 10% … does that help us? 
    Bob: 10% off £12 … It’s still more than we budgeted for.
    Cindy: Hey, look at this one. Celebrations.
    Bob: It’s a new company. I asked a few people about them, but no-one has any ideas.
    Cindy: Well, let’s see. 9 poundsa head for food and five pounds a head for drinks. That’s fine. What kind of food do they have? It says here that they just provide cold meals for picnics. Well, that’s OK. … And they include vegetarian dishes…. We do have some vegetarian to take into consideration .
    Bob: Well, it looks good to me. The only problem is their lack of experience. I mean, it’s a bit of a risk, isn’t it?
    Cindy: Yes. If the food is no good, we’ll look incompetent.
    Bob: Ah, look here. It says that we can visit their premises and try some of the dishes they offer.
    Cindy: You mean we might get a free lunch? Shall we call them and arrange to go and see them?
    Bob: OK. Which day? How about tomorrow?
    Cindy: No. We’ve got that meeting. The day after tomorrow. Thursday
    Bob: Good. Time?
    Cindy: 11?
    Bob: Good. Right, what’s their phone number? 28 65 34 79. We also need to ask them whether they can deliver straight to the picnic site, don’t we?
    Cindy: Yes. I don’t think that’ll be a problem, though. I mean, it’s on the outskirts of the city, but it’s not too far away. Does the price include delivery?
    Bob: It doesn’t say, but the other companies include it, so they should. If they don’t., our budget still allows us to pay a small fee. 

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