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Part 1

Questions 1-5Listen from here

Complete the following information using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS

Given nameSharon
Address . Tipton. TP3 4MB
Date of birth
Type of membership annual
Amount due £
Credit card number 4673 9702 0361
Expiry date

Questions 6-9 Listen from here

Label the diagram of the gym using FOUR of the following six labels. Write the appropriate letter in the correct space on your answer sheet.

A.free weights area
B.ladies' changing area
C.men's changing area
D.refreshment area
F.various machines

dec 2017 L2 q6-9.png





Question 10Listen from here

10. Decide which pair of pie charts illustrate the membership of the gym and spa and write the appropriate letter on your answer sheet.

Part 2

Questions 11-12Listen from here

Complete the following sentences using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The university has produced a to inform students about the different accommodation options available.

All catered and self-catered accommodation is close to the

Questions 13-16 Listen from here

On your answer sheet, write

A.if the statement applies to catered accommodation
B.if the statement applies to self-catered accommodation
C.if the statement applies to private accommodation
D. if the statement is not mentioned at all by the accommodation officer

13. Meals are included in the rent.

14. This is the best accommodation for people who want to choose when they eat.

15. Most students live in this kind of accommodation.

16. This is the most expensive type of accommodation.

Questions 17-20 Listen from here

Decide which letter on the map shows the location of each of the following university halls of residence.

Dec 2017 L2_0.png

17. Malvern Halls

18. Grampian Halls

19. Brecon Halls

20. Sperrin Halls

Part 3

Question 21-24Listen from here

Answer the questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

When did Jenny arrive at the university? Last

What is Tom going to study?

What is Jenny going to study?

What two items have the students been given?

Question 25-27Listen from here

Complete the following sentences using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR NUMBERS for each gap.

Tom’s Halls of Residence is named

Tom’s accommodation is a from the campus.

Jenny’s accommodation is near the campus, close to the

Question 28-30 Listen from here

Decide which THREE items Jenny needs to buy and write the appropriate letters on your answer sheet in any order.


Part 4

Questions 31-33Listen from here

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

Write your answers in boxes 31-33 on your answer sheet

31. Which pie chart shows the ages of the Asian students surveyed ?
32. Which pie chart shows the main reasons Asian students wanted to study abroad?
33. Which bar chart shows the percentage of Asian students who made Australia their first choice destination?

Questions 34-35Listen from here

Answer the following questions using A NUMBER for each answer.

Approximately how many foreign students enrolled in Australia in the year 2000?

How much did Australia’s education exports rise by last year?

Questions 36-40Listen from here

Complete the following sentences using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS/NUMBERS for each gap.

It became harder to get a for the USA after September 11.

of Asian students gave lower study fees as a reason for choosing Australia.

Asian students rank Australia number in terms of educational quality.

programmers are unlikely to reduce the number of students going abroad in the near future.

Asian students are increasingly using to help arrange their studies abroad.

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