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What things will be assessed in my IELTS Speaking test?

The IELTS examiner will assess you how well you can:

- Communicate opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences; to do this you will need to answer a range of questions.

- Speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language.

- Organise your ideas coherently.

- Express and justify your opinions.

- Analyse, discuss and speculate about issues.

How many sections are there in the IELTS Speaking test?

There are three sections in an IELTS speaking test.

The first section is called "Introduction and interview". It lasts about 4-5 minutes.

The second section lasts for 3-4 minutes. In this part, you will have a topic with supporting questions. This is known as "Cue Card".

The third section, or the '’Two-way discussion", will take around 4-5 minutes.

How long does the IELTS speaking test on your website take?

We offer a 30-minute online speaking practice test. During this 30-minute session, there is an introduction of the online speaking practice test, an IELTS standard speaking test (11-14 minutes) and a wrap-up.

What are the main criteria on which my band score would be determined?

In an IELTS Speaking test, you would be evaluate based on these 4 criteria:

- Fluency and coherence

- Lexical resource

- Grammatical range and accuracy

- Pronunciation

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