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Latest IELTS Speaking topics in 2022

Latest IELTS Speaking topics in 2022

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Check out Sample Answers by IELTS test takers for a recent IELTS speaking tests in 2022.

IELTS Speaking Forecast 2022/Q2


  • Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?
  • Have you ever bought mirrors?
  • Do you usually take a mirror with you?
  • Would you use mirrors to decorate your room?

  • How often do you write an email or a letter?
  • When would you send emails to others?
  • Is sending emails popular in Vietnam?
  • Do you think sending emails will be more or less popular in the future?

  • What kinds of websites do you usually use?
  • Are there any changes to the websites you usually use?
  • How can you tell if a website is reliable?
Drawing and Art galleries

  • Do you like drawing?
  • Do you like to go to art galleries?
  • Do you want to learn more about art?
  • Did you learn drawing when you were a kid?
Taking photos

  • Do you like taking photos?
  • Do you like taking selfies?
  • What’s your favorite family photo?
  • Do you want to improve your picture-taking skills?
Daily Routine

  • Do you have a daily study routine?
  • Have you ever changed your routine?
  • Is it important to have a daily routine for your study?
  • What part of your day do you like best?

  • Can you remember the dreams you had?
  • Do you want to make your dreams come true?
  • Do you share your dreams with others? Or are you interested in others’ dreams?
  • Do you think dreams have special meanings?

  • Did you usually go to the cinema when you were a kid?
  • Do you usually go to the cinema with your friends?
  • Do you still like watching movies that you liked when you were a kid?
  • Do you prefer watching movies at home or the cinema?
Watching Sports

  • Do you like watching programs on TV?
  • Do you watch live sports matches?
  • Who do you like to watch sports games
  • with?
  • What kinds of games do you expect to
  • watch in the future?

  • Did you enjoy traveling by car when you were a kid?
  • What types of cars do you like?
  • Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger?
  • What do you usually do when there is a traffic jam?
Lost and Found

  • What will you do if you find something that other people have lost?
  • Do you report to the police when finding something like that?
  • Have you ever lost things?
  • Will you post on social media if you lose your item?
Mobile/ Cell phones

  • What was your first mobile phone?
  • What do you often use it for?
  • Will you buy a new phone in the future?
  • How has your mobile phone changed your life?
Shopping at street markets

  • What do people usually buy on the street markets?
  • Why do you think people go to street markets?
  • Do you prefer to go shopping in a shopping mall or a street market?
Education/skills schoolSchool and Education

Part 2:

Describe a lesson that you remember well

You should say:

  • What the lesson was about
  • Where you had it
  • What do you did during the lesson

And explain why it impressed you

a lot

Part 3:

  • Why do some people have a better memory than others?
  • Which can help you remember things better, words or photos?
  • How can technology help people remember things better?
  • Why can some people remember some little things in life?
Acquiring skills and knowledge

Part 2:

Describe a useful skill you

learned from an older person

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Why the skill can be learned from older people
  • How you will learn the skill from older people

And explain how you will feel if you master the skill

Part 3:

  • What can children learn from their parents or grandparents?
  • From whom can children learn more, parents or grandparents?
  • What kind of help do you think older people need?
  • What can grandparents learn from contact with teenage grandchildren?
Learning languages

Part 2:

Describe something you did that helped you to learn another language

You should say:

  • What it is
  • What language you learned
  • How it helped you learn the language

And how you felt about it

Part 3:

  • What difficulties do people face when learning a language?
  • Do you think language learning is important? Why?
  • What’s the best age to start learning a foreign language?
  • What are the ways that teachers can make learning a language interesting?
Describe an item clothesClothes and Fashion items

Part 2:

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you

You should say:

  • What the clothing was
  • Who gave it to you?
  • When you got it

And explain why this person gave you the clothing

Part 3:

  • Have you ever given clothes to others?
  • Why do people dress casually every day but dress formally at work?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms at work and school?
  • Why do people from different countries wear different clothing?

Part 2:

Describe something in your house that was broken and then repaired

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • What happened?
  • How you got it repaired

And explain how did you

felt about it

Part 3:

  • Are IT-related jobs valued more by society now?
  • Is the quality of products now worse than in the past?
  • What kinds of things do people like to repair by themselves?
  • Why do people like to get their mobile phones repaired in specialized stores?
Gift and present

Part 2:

Describe a gift you would like to buy

for your friend

  • You should say:
  • When it happened
  • What gift it was
  • Who you gave it to

And explain why you chose that gift

Part 3:

  • When do people normally send gifts to others?
  • Do people give gifts or red packets at traditional festivals?
  • Is it easy to choose a gift?
  • Will people feel happy when receiving an expensive gift?

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