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Waitrose – High Street Branch


Read the text below and answer Questions 1– 6.

A. Waitrose – High Street Branch

Position available for two cleaners

Night shift and/or early morning

Must be able to work unsupervised, to a time limit.

No experience needed.

Must have own transport.

Drop in and ask for Pete Evans


Do you have a bubbly outgoing personality?

Love children?

Good singing voice. Responsible and positive attitude.

Will run musical workshops for preschool children.

Classes are 30-45 minutes in length / training provided

Own transport essential.

Call into ABC Academy - Brook Street between 10am - 2pm and ask for Jenny.

C. Dog Walker

An animal loving person needed to walk our two lovely Yorkshire Terriers three times a week.

Evenings preferred.

No weekends 16 years or older is ideal

Call: 0916-202-7445 to apply

D. Nanny Wanted

To help look after two children - 2 and 5 years old.

Experience useful but patience and willingness to learn is enough.

Accommodation, food and pocket money provided.

Flexible working times. Ideal for foreign student studying English.

Please send resume and photo to –

E. 20 full time volunteers wanted

One year project.

Willing to relocate with free accommodation. Basic salary provided.

Supporting people with disabilities and young people from broken homes.

18-65 can apply.

Experience preferred but not essential.

F. Web-based company

Urgently requires a graphic designer

Working knowledge of Photoshop

College graduate preferred but enthusiastic computer nerd can apply.

Send short resume (with photo) to – MegaBites, 10 Oak Road, Ashbourne


Waitress needed. (Full-time / Part-time)

Previous restaurant or café experience preferred.

Must be physically active and able to take orders.

Salary according to experience.

Will consider: high school graduate

Call 0245-67332 for interview. Ask for Mary.


Read the text below and answer Questions 7-14.

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Etiquette is a code of behavior that allows people to follow the standards accepted in society. Although these rules can change from country to county many similarities can be found. Many of the manners we develop are based on three categories; health, courtesy, and cultural norms. It is through these that we develop the customs and habits of a society.

Etiquette # 1

This is where you have to think more of others than yourself. Don’t think of all those times that you had to put up with people talking on the phone in the cinema, on the train, and in the queue at McDonalds. Simply imagine all the ways other people will find you annoying if you use your mobile phone.

Etiquette # 2

The good thing about people is that sooner or later someone will tell you that you are annoying them. Their request to stop talking or talk quietly might seem unreasonable but if you really want to be a model mobile phone user just follow their request.

Etiquette # 3

To stop #2 from happening, and to keep your secrets to yourself then keep your distance - 3 metres - between you and anyone else.

Etiquette # 4

Even if you are following #3 you don’t need to shout. This just makes it easier for people to hear you and much easier to annoy them.

Etiquette # 5

Remember, people don’t want to hear you talking on the phone so they certainly don’t want to hear the other person either. Don’t turn your speaker on!

Etiquette # 6

If you don’t want to be talked about keep your personal details to yourself. This means that #3 is probably not far enough from wagging ears. Either save the conversation for later or start using text messaging.

Etiquette # 7

Don’t multi-task, it could cost you your life. Don’t use the time you are spending in a queue to phone someone and certainly don’t use the mobile phone when you are driving. In many countries this is illegal but it is also dangerous. National data show mobile phones were involved in 350 fatal crashes in 2011.

Etiquette # 8

There are many places such as a library, museum, theatre, and hospital where, hopefully, common sense tells you not use your phone.

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