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Section 1 : Questions 1-10

Questions 1-2

Choose the correct letter from A-D for each answer.

Example: Why is Yumi worried?

A She's a new student.

B She doesn't know very much about libraries.

C She hasn’t used a library much.

D She has a lot of assignments.


Who advised Yumi to join the local library?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

What items cannot be borrowed from the local library?

Master 4 L1 Q2.png

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Questions 3-4

Choose the correct answers from A-C for each answer.


If Yumi returns a book two days after the loan period has ended

  • A
  • B
  • C

Why hasn't Yumi been to the university library yet?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Questions 5-9

Question 10

Complete the sentence below.

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

Yumi should borrow Recommended Texts from the library as soon as possible because 10

    Section 2 : Questions 11-20

    Questions 11-16

    Complete the notes below.

    Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.



    • have been used 11

    • drivers do not have to speak the native tongue of the country they are visiting

    • drivers must be at least 18 years of ago

    • drivers must hold a driving license in their home country


    Size of license: 10.8 x 12 cm

    Number of pages: 17

    Colour of inside pages:    13

    Has a photograph of the driver and their 14

    Available from authorized travel agencies and the 15 .

    Cost of 3 year license: 16

      Questions 17-20

      Complete the summary of International Driving Licenses below.

      Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

      International Driving Licenses cannot be used in the 17 . They may only be used in some countries for 18 . Drivers using International Driving Licenses must obey the  19  of the country that they are driving in. The driver must be responsible for learning the rules of the host country, because if they break the rules, they may be 20

        Section 3 : Questions 21-30

        Questions 21-24

        Questions 25-27

        Choose the correct letter from A - C for each answer.


        The purpose of studying past exam papers is to

        • A
        • B
        • C

        By doing mock tutorials in the learning circle, the students hope to

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Hamish advises Anita to

        • A
        • B
        • C

        Question 28

        Choose the correct letter from A-D.


        When was/is the first learning circle study session?

        • A
        • B
        • C
        • D

        Questions 29-30

        Choose TWO letters from A-E.

        Which two activities are most likely to be discussed at the next learning circle?

        • A
        • B
        • C
        • D
        • E
          Section 4 : Questions 31-40

          Questions 31-32

          Complete the notes below.

          Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

          Reasons given for speaker adopting wind-generating  power:

          • lives on a windy farm

          • electricity not supplied by 31

          • diesel and petrol generators' lack of efficiency and excessive 32

            Questions 33-36

            Complete the time-line below.

            Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.


            - speaker bought farm

            - relied on diesel and petrol generators

            Late 1975

            - Hybrid system installed

            - successful even in 33


            - stopped operating 35 and relied solely on wind generator

            - imported four wind generators from the 36 who now supply 50% of world's wind turbines

            Last year

            - bought a 600-kilowatt wind turbine

              Questions 37-39

              Look at the picture of wind turbines below and complete the following information in the table below.

              Details of a 600 kilowatt wind turbine given by the speaker


              46 metres

              Diameter of rotors:

              43.5 metres

              Power output:

              38  kilowatt hours per year

              Life expectancy:

              20 years


              39 a year

                Question 40

                Complete the sentence below.

                Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

                Possible sources of future income for the speaker include:

                •    tourists visiting the 'wind farm'.

                •    40  to State Electricity Commission.

                  End of the Test

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