Free IELTS writing correction service

15 Oct 2017

Free IELTS writing correction service

We only provide Academic Writing Task 2 correction.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your Writing Task 2 question from our website. 
  2. Send us your writing in a text file by e-mail to [email protected] 
  3. Our team will send you a correction within 1-2 week.
  4. Due to the large amount of writings being sent, we will only choose 1 essay each week to be corrected.
  5. And these corrected essays will be available at our website:

It's impossible for us to give feedback to everyone. Even if we cannot mark your essay at the moment, we will do it next time if you keep writing and submitting your answer, so don't worry. Every time you submit an essay, your priority is uplifted.

Now we are cooperating with some volunteers at Let's Write Something Group.

If you want to practice more about writing Task 2, you can join this group:



Writing Correction Volunteer needed

If you are IELTS teacher or have the writing score >=7.0, you can join our free writing correction project at: to correct the Writing Task 2 essays for users.

Benefits: We will add your name or FB Page in each post of the corrected essay to boost your business.

You can view the template of this at:

Let's contact us to make this world better! 

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