Answer questions by IOT email

06 Oct 2017

Answer questions by IOT email

We received many feedback emails asking why your answer key is wrong so we will try to answer some of your questions here so that all of you guys can comment and try to avoid if you make the same mistake.

Plus 3 Reading Test 2

Q5: employment is not correct but "employment opportunities" is fully meaning with the context 
Q12: Graduates of human movement, exercise science and sport science have the potential to become major players in this shift in policy focus. It is these these graduates who already have the skills, knowledge and understanding to initiate community health education programmes --> Existing degree courses are suitable for careers in community health. --> Q12: FALSE
Q25. We think the phrase "negative carbon effect" is not meaningful.
And negative effect on the environment = a negative carbon impact.

Recent Actual Test Listening Test 2

Q3: If you answer "budget" it is not clear. Accommodation criteria: cheapest (is the best choice here)
Q6: $110 or 110 dollars are both correct but our answer key is just for preference.
Q14: CV or recent CV are both correct but our answer key is just for preference.
Q33: They said that Dragonflies mainly eat mosqui­toes and also a few other insects. So dragonflies do not eat mosquitoes only and mosquitoes are harmful insects too. So the correct answer is "harmful insects".

Recent Actual Test Listening Test 3

In Q20: you will see the phrase: "every night" so the right answer is only 11:30.
Q35: easier and more smoothly ride will be make sense. We do not use "smoother" here.

Recent Actual Test Listening Test 6

Q2: double(s) all are correct
Q38: the residents are not afraid of them = Local people do not fear crocodiles
Remember that afraid is adj, fear is verb. So do not + verb.

Recent Actual Test Listening Test 4

Q40. In the transcript they said: "Oh, can you see the back building there? Yes, behind the Media Centre. Quite new, isn't it? That’s the new library, just decorated."
--> The new library is behind the Media Centre --> 40. The Media Centre is in front of the new library (F).

Cambridge ielts 9 - Test1
Q16: bags (not SPORTS BAGS) --> remember the instruction "Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer".

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