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Speaking Practice Test 2


Do you like taking photographs? 00:44
How often do you take photos? 00:31
In which situation do you like take photos? 00:24
Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery? 00:27
Do you prefer to take photographs yourself or to have other people take photos? 00:24
How do you keep your photos? 00:39
Do you keep your photographs on your computer? 00:41
Are there any photos on the walls of your house? 00:34
Do you frame (or have you framed) any of your photos? 00:27
Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself? (Why?) 00:09
Describe a trip that you plan to go in the near future. 02:00
What is the importance of travelling? 00:26
What type of places do you recommend people to visit on vacation? 00:31
Do people in your country prefer to travel by car or by train? 01:11
What are the advantages of travelling with a group of people? 00:30
Should young people travel abroad? 00:43
Are international trips popular with people in your country? 00:31
What do you consider when you take a trip? 00:35
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