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Section 1 : Questions 1-10

Questions 6-10

Complete the summary.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

The subject undertakes exercise by regularly 6  She does yoga in order to relax
and 7 her muscles. When she was younger, she would 8 , and in the future, she
may go 9 although that will depend on whether she has enough 10 .

    Questions 1-5

    Complete the form.

    Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS for each answer.

    Survey Form

    Dealing with: exercise (Example)

    Time contacted: 1

    Suburb: 2

    Age Group: 3

    Occupation: 4

    Family: 5

      Section 2 : Questions 11-20

      Questions 17-20

      Questions 11-16

      Section 3 : Questions 21-30

      Questions 25-30

      Complete the table.

      Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer..

      SubjectRecommended Page Design
      25 Studiesflowchart, showing courtroom processes and 26
      Culture Studiestable or spider graph, linking 27 thoughts etc.
      Management Theorynetwork (like spider graph but has 28 )
      Political Sciencelinear 29
      Mass Mediajust use 30

        Questions 21-24

        Complete the summary.

        Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

        One of the basic strategies when listening to lectures is to use 21 . This saves times, but it is
        only effective if they can be 22 later. More generally, it is necessary to format the page in
        anticipation of the 23 of the lecture. As an example, one can draw 24 , tables,
        and flowcharts, consistent with the way the subject matter is presented.


          Section 4 : Questions 31-40

          Questions 36-40

          Complete the diagram.

          Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR NUMBERS for each answer.






            Questions 31-35

            Complete the notes.

            Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


            are everywherelong-arrow-right.png100 to 200 31 pass through our bodies every second.
            are difficult to detect because of1. the presence of other particleslong-arrow-right.pngusually need a 32
            2. the surrounding 33 long-arrow-right.pngdetection location
            usually 34
            3. challenge of installing equipmentlong-arrow-right.pngengineering is very 35


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