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Speaking Practice Test 6


Do you work or study? 00:56
Why did you choose your job? 00:65
What do you like about your job?/ Why did you choose to do that type of work? 01:97
What do you dislike about your job? 00:81
Is there some other kind of work you would rather do? 00:.6
Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years? 00:14
Do you miss being a student? 00:62
What do you do after work? 00:.6
Describe your idea of making a good first impression in a job interview. 01:99
Which jobs would you say are most respected in your country? 01:26
Some people say it’s better to work for yourself than be employed by a company. What’s your opinion? 01:48
What changes in employment have there been in recent years in your country? 00:97
What are some of the important things a candidate should find out before accepting a job? 00:77
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